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Most downloads last day.
135001-135020 of all 138,851 gems.
61,1751ssickles-tireTire is a Ruby client for the ElasticSearch search engine/database. It provides Rub...
61,1751spathspath creates shortcuts for paths
61,1751resque_defDefining Resque boilerplate since 2013
61,1751quickserveA quick way to serve static files
61,1751printrunQuick and dirty print and run of ruby code because I was tired of copying my gist
61,1751nested_model_authmodel based authorization for new or edited records
61,1751mcmire-rrRR (Double Ruby) is a double framework that features a rich selection of double techniq...
61,1751humanityMix in Humanity and get common user model functionality
61,1751fossylPre-historic Bencoding
61,1751envsSync your .env and .env.default files
61,1751environment_initializersLoad initializers depending on the environment
61,1751chardet2Character encoding auto-detection in Ruby, compatible with 1.9/2.0. Base on Mark Pilgri...
61,1751bumbleworks-redisRedis support for Bumbleworks process storage
61,1751bulksearchBulk search via spreadsheet.
61,1751spidr_epg_gemUse for crwaling EPG
61,1751return_variableAllow return=X to specify the return value of a function.
61,1751remq-rbRedis Message Queue (ReMQ) is a message queue backed by the awesome key-value store, Re...
61,1751redis-redirectRedisRedirect allows dynamic Rails app redirects.
61,1751ravalBuild a custom FTP daemon backed by a datastore of your choice