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135001-135020 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980geocoda-rubyThis gem allows code to easily connect to the Geocoda geocoding and location service.
36,4980gembankClient for Gembank
36,4980excelerateAn extension to ParseExcel with an updated, simple-to-use API
36,4980davebenvenuti-prawnPrawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
36,4980cube-no-apesEases the pain I had to go through to get to the data out of XMLA based OLAP provider(M...
36,4980croudiaRuby wrapper for the Croudia API
36,4980color_parserFinds colors on a given webpage
36,4980babascriptBabaScript is a script launguage which runs on @takumibaba
36,4980appMobiPushA gem to send Push Message through appMobi apps from the command line
36,4980webmeterSimple website benchmark tool written in ruby
36,4980vidibus-asset_cache_busterRewrites cache buster for assets to a static string that is sure to be cached by proxy ...
36,4980twilipWith twilip you can deliver one message to how many microblogs you want. All you need i...
36,4980this_townGem generator for Sinatra applications that use the following libraries: sequel, mustac...
36,4980thesisThesis: A Rails CMS that doesn't hijack your development workflow.
36,4980square-activerecordDatabases on Rails. Build a persistent domain model by mapping database tables to Ruby ...
36,4980sprinkle_packagesPackages for automated installation of linux servers
36,4980spree_featuredAdds the basic ability to 'feature' products. Includes basic administration additions t...
36,4980silverstripe-deploySilverstripe specific deployment recipes
36,4980sc2profileScrapes name, 1v1 league and 1v1 league points from a Battle.net StarCraft II profile.
36,4980roxAn Open-Xchange HTTP API client library