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135001-135020 of all 137,019 gems.

49,4341jack_gemAwesome Gem by Jack. OK - maybe print out hello_world
49,4341dirtyflashDirtyflash is a Rails plugin that allows you to easily add complex behavior, such as li...
49,4341axtro-acts-as-taggable-onWith ActsAsTaggableOn, you could tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills...
49,4341gsearch-parserQueries Google search and parses the resulting web page for content.
49,4341automatthew-functorPattern-based dispatch for Ruby, inspired by Topher Cyll's multi.
49,4341dirtydanA simple module for automation of object dirtiness tracking.
49,4341dirtycopTakes your current diff as the input for rubocop
49,4341data_transitdata_transit relies on activerecord to generate database Models on the fly. Tt is execu...
49,4341jack-ffiJack Audio Connection Kit Bindings via FFI interface
49,4341data_transformerDeclarative transformations for objects and object collections
49,4341g_sectioned_showerA Guilded ( component that creates adaptabl...
49,4341data_transformationTo keep the necessity of changing data out of migrations, transformations keep track of...
49,4341gsearchPerform google searches from your terminal
49,4341alert_logicA feature rich API client for AlertLogic Threat Manager
49,4341datatables-railsDataTables assets for Rails.
49,4341jackdempsey-sequel_taggableA gem that provides Sequel::Models with tagging capabilities
49,4341automatthew-casuistryGenerates CSS using Ruby, like Markaby
49,4341dirty_after_saveTrack changes even after saving an ActiveRecord model