Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
135001-135020 of all 141,469 gems.
33,7360rapprapp helps you build native ruby apps with a familiar structure and a handful of famili...
33,7360playitManage Play services from the command line
33,7360parenthesizeExtends the String and Array classes to use in a SQL IN statement.
33,7360mac_generatorsIncludes 3 generators, the first two are to create a Rails authentication. The last one...
33,7360langrove-mongodb-pluginMongoDB LanGrove Persistor
33,7360flairEasily add a styleguide to your rails app.
33,7360fifoQueueing library in Ruby built on top of Amazon SQS(Simple Queue Service) for processin...
33,7360emailerSends stdin via email
33,7360dm-fixturesA rip of some of ActiveRecord's fixtures helpers, ported to DataMapper. For the conserv...
33,7360difgistFIX (describe your package)
33,7360dbexpectAs above
33,7360clrThis gem manages the markers for debugging
33,7360yibinTest Description
33,7360webmachine-sprocketsWebmachine for Ruby: Sprockets integration
33,7360textanywhere_rubyLibrary to communicate with TextAnywhere.net
33,7360somewhereSerialized address class for use with Rails models.
33,7360sinatra-jsendJSend helper for Sinatra
33,7360sequel-attribute_callbacksModel plugin making it easy to define callbacks on modification of specific attributes ...
33,7360select_weekdayA tag for days of the week, plus some convenience methods for handling weekdays
33,7360pry-better_railsA metagem to tersify "gem 'pry-plus'; gem 'pry-rails'; gem 'better_errors'", and some a...