Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
135021-135040 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980redstarModel generators for Rails
36,4980redis_storage_methodsTransparently store objects both in redis and your sql store, but GET only on the redis...
36,4980pebbles-kenshiroCalculate Kenshiro numbers
36,4980password_strongCheck password strength with ActiveRecord support
36,4980openteam-modest_modelSimple, tableless ActiveModel-compliant models. Like ActiveRecord models without the da...
36,4980nextyA command line interface to your Nexpose VA tool
36,4980mongoid-localized-accessorLocalized accessor for mongoid
36,4980method_missing_routerUse regular expressions to route missing methods
36,4980living-validatorA simple suite for querying the validator.nu service (or your own instance).
36,4980infochimps-guard-chefGuard::Chef allows to automatically & intelligently update roles, cookbooks, and databa...
36,4980impresserImpresser is for those who want to marry their love of Wordpress with their lust for Ruby.
36,4980hyperimageIt's awesome!
36,4980heimdal***ALPHA*** NOT YET READY FOR PRIMETIME. Heimdal never sleeps! Security by default.
36,4980headless-squirrelA OS X command line tool to run JavaScript (Prototype) unit tests from the comfort of y...
36,4980hash-from_mysql_query_resultCreate Hash from MySQL query result text.
36,4980yadirectA simple yandex.direct ruby wrapper
36,4980xdtxDT is a library that reads and writes LDT, GDT and BDT data.
36,4980swf_converterInclude SwfConverter on a class to get #convert_swf!, which writes PNGs from that objec...
36,4980spree_advanced_calculatorsAllows advanced calculators such as weight etc to be applied on shipping methods
36,4980sonar_connectorFramework that allows arbitrary push and pull connectors to send data to an instance of...