Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
135021-135040 of all 141,469 gems.
33,7360prime-numbersPrime Numbers Generator
33,7360packoA really flexible package manager, inspired by portage and pacman.
33,7360mrduSpawn a temporary MySQL instance off a RAM disk on Ubuntu.
33,7360models_generatorA model files generator plugin from migrate file
33,7360medrare-gocardlessA Ruby wrapper for the GoCardless API
33,7360march_forumDescription of MarchForum.
33,7360logback-jarsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
33,7360ldap-railsGenerator that enabled LDAP authentication with a single command.
33,7360jquery-tipsyTipsy (http://onehackoranother.com/projects/jquery/tipsy/) integration gem to use with ...
33,7360iremoconIremocon is a gem for managing iRemocon through telnet
33,7360infobright-loaderLoads data files into Infobright
33,7360fonts-railsAdds a helper to create the google fonts link in rails.
33,7360floomFlume extra fun: Floom
33,7360fatsecret-modelsAn active_model compliant wrapper for FatSecret API
33,7360erichummel-sunspot_solrSunspot::Solr provides a bundled Solr distribution for use with Sunspot. Typical de...
33,7360asyncjs-railsasync-rails project integrates Async JS for Rails 3/4 Asset Pipeline
33,7360alu4103_expregularesGema para la utilizacion de Expresiones Regulares
33,7360aims_projectThis gem simplifies and streamlines the calculation pipeline for FHI-AIMS.
33,7360yifuadd translator files
33,7360user_reviewsWrapper for mulitple user review APIs