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135021-135040 of all 135,197 gems.

92,7611jive-tileImplements the functionality required for dealing with and storing Jive Tiles using Act...
92,7611imas-producer_schedulecalendar generator for im@s producers
92,7611imagecoreDetermine the core of an image file, stripping any borders
92,7611keep_upAutomatically update the dependencies listed in your Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, and gemspec.
92,7611email_docGenerate email documentation from your mailer-specs.
92,7611jive-signed_requestA library to deal with signed requests generated by Jive
92,7611dmoz_sax_docUse a SAX parser to visit either the structure.u8 or content.u8 DMOZ files.
92,7611enumerated_stateImplement state patterns for your enumerated_attributes
92,7611jive_railsGives Jive functionality to Rails applications
92,7611image_comparatorThis gem provides a simple api to compare 2 pngs and in case they are different, get th...
92,7611imagecollageImageCollage creates a collage based on images from Flickr.
92,7611deifySets up god/resque/redis configuration for any app using resque-based gems at Revolutio...
92,7611jive_os_appsApi endpoints for making your platform Jive application ready.
92,7611image_clipperAn easy ruby encapsulation for image processing. All functions are based on ImageMagick.
92,7611ImageClipAdding methods building on paperclip and imagemagick to save images as compressed base6...
92,7611jive-oauth_tokenImplements the functionality required for dealing with and storing Jive OAuth Tokens us...
92,7611imagechanSimple 4chan image downloader command
92,7611image_cachedescription: image_cache kicks the ass
92,7611knife-hitoriknife subcommand
92,7611keeptestingUsage: keeptesting [options] TESTCOMMAND