Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
135021-135040 of all 138,851 gems.
61,1751qrcoderQRCode is a library for encoding QR Codes. The simple interface allows you to create Q...
61,1751guard-zeus_serverGuard for "zeus server"
61,1751full_circleLibrary for interfacing with the 360Directories API
61,1751brancusi-railsRails support for Brancusi.js
61,1751bearded_gridA responsive grid system from Bearded
61,1751apple_modelsApple model name lookup based on model id (apple product code)
61,1751sublimeRuby wrapper to manipulate preferences for Sublime Text
61,1751stalker_testEasily test the stalker jobs you enqueue.
61,1751spawn-blockThis plugin provides a 'Spawn' class to easily fork OR thread long-running sections of ...
61,1751sarbFramework for em-websocket that uses actions and triggers for real-time communication w...
61,1751gesund-mongoPlugin for Gesund health checker to check MongoDB health
61,1751docker_makerLibrary for building docker images
61,1751defensorUnofficial Ruby library for Defensio 2.0
61,1751bf4-yui-railsEasy integration of YUI with the Rails asset pipeline.
61,1751beautiful_public_keyFind a beautiful public key
61,1751angular-restfulAngularJS factory for restful, with methods default [get, query, create, update, destro...
61,1751alberichAlberich is a model-integrated permissions engine that allows access control, and list ...
61,1751skywatchSimple alerting system that lets you define checks and alerts in any language that are ...
61,1751robotblake-closure-compilerA Ruby Wrapper for the Google Closure Compiler.