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135021-135040 of all 137,019 gems.

49,4341datatables_railsA sane API for working with datatables data structures and javascript output
49,4341jackdempsey-sequel_polymorphicA gem that provides Sequel::Models with polymorphic association capabilities
49,4341ar-translatableActiveRecord plugin to translate.
49,4341datatables-plugins-railsAdd DataTables Plugins (api, integration and features) to Rails assets.
49,4341jackdempsey-rpx_nowHelper to simplify RPX Now user login/creation
49,4341amistad-actionsAction logging for Amistad friendship model
49,4341dirtwalkerCombines with
49,4341arc_lengthCalculate arc length for a given radius and arc measure
49,4341jackdempsey-beetA gem to help with easily generating projects
49,4341dir_treeNo description
49,4341datatablesnetComponent abstraction for
49,4341jackdempsey-acts_as_commentablePlugin/gem that provides comment functionality
49,4341automatthew-cassandraGenerates CSS using Ruby, like Markaby
49,4341automatthew-auto_codeUtility for auto-including, reloading, and generating classes and modules.
49,4341dirtreedisplay list of file paths as an interactive tree
49,4341arc-laravelCapistrano files for deploying Laravel apps at Architect
49,4341gs_graphA full-stack GameStamper Graph API wrapper in Ruby.
49,4341dirtravelDirTravel provides content of filesystem directories by recursively travelling the dire...
49,4341data_tablesDataTables for Rails
49,4341gsl_extrasA set of extensions and improvements to the Ruby GSL interface. Modifies some GSL objec...