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136841-136860 of all 137,019 gems.

135,7330ruby-dovadoDovado Router API for Ruby.
135,7330shlSHL is a really simple HTTP library.
135,7330jruby-activemqClient jars from apache-activemq distribution
135,7330schedule_attsProvides form attributes setting a recurring schedule.
135,7330shoehornRuby implementation of the API for Shoeboxed,
135,7330kafka-jarA Jruby Gem that loads the Kafka library jar
135,7330rmdsMultidimensional scaling (MDS) is a set of related statistical techniques often used in...
135,7330rikaA JRuby wrapper for Apache Tika to extract text and metadata from various file formats.
135,7330shipyardCode generation tool for database-backed applications
135,7330markdownj(J)Ruby wrapper around markdownj.
135,7330spree_admin_tabControl the visibility of admin tabs by adding an extra param
135,7330rubylet-rackJava Servlet implementation that forwards to Rack application
135,7330shiprailsShiprails aims to provide Heroku's Ship APIs for AWS ECS.
135,7330marc4j4rSyntactic sugar and some extra methods to deal with MARC data using a fork of the excel...
135,7330rmasalov-surpassSurpass is writing (and eventually reading) excel workbooks in pure Ruby. Surpass is ba...
135,7330rubydiffFind and list differences betweem Ruby objects
135,7330simple_token_authSimple and safe token authentication library that uses Rails' `authenticate_or_request_...
135,7330mail_builder19MailBuilder is a simple library for building RFC compliant MIME emails.
135,7330raudraA minimal ORM for cassandra that you can tweak to your liking
135,7330simpletoolprovide quick install command for pptp vpn, shadowsocks server, phpmyadmin, oh-my-zsh