Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
136841-136860 of all 138,851 gems.
61,1751castielExtension do add date and time parsing capabilities to OptionsParse
61,1751specificWrite your usecases with gherkin.
61,1751sms_bao_altSmsBao gem
61,1751show_methodShow the method you need in your favorite editor
61,1751shipedgeShipedge gem
61,1751setoSeto is pseudo sed
61,1751serpicoA Ruby client for the Serpico API
61,1751rms_flicksThis is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course,...
61,1751researchThe Ruby research gem is work-in-progress
61,1751rails-artsRJS Assertion Plugin (gemified)
61,1751pg_hstoreidentical to pg-hstore gem - just an alias - postgres hstore parser/loader - provides P...
61,1751newyorkAdds some methods I like to use in my Sinatra apps
61,1751modal_railsModals for rails
61,1751magic-xmlThe best Ruby library for handling XML
61,1751macmailerRuby binding and command-line interface for Apple's Mail.app
61,1751km-dbProcess KISSmetrics data dumps
61,1751hipbot-pluginsHipbot sample plugins
61,1751googlerA simple gem that provides a client to Google Web Search API ( https://developers.googl...
61,1751giftsGit Fulltext Search library
61,1751gb_mapfish_appserverMapfish Appserver is a framework for web mapping applications using OGC standards and t...