Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
136841-136860 of all 141,469 gems.
33,7360hipchat_nagios_notifierHipChat nagios notifier.
33,7360db_loggerCaptures sophisticated messages throughout a rails app and stores them in a postgresql ...
33,7360cinch-storageSimple YAML backed Storage for Cinch plugins.
33,7360wigle_apiProvides an easy way to scrape WiGLE.net for small amounts of data.
33,7360ttg-sdkThrowthegame Development Kit
33,7360transition_events_jsjQuery plugin to set listeners for CSS Transition animation end or specific part.
33,7360tail-logShows the rails logs in the browser at /logs.
33,7360spreadshirt_clientCommunicate with the spreadshirt API using a DSL similar to the one of RestClient
33,7360sinatrifyMake Rails controller actions look like Sinatra routes
33,7360school_friendA Ruby interface to the Odnoklassniki API
33,7360rubicon-api-clientA simple ruby api client for accessing the Rubicon Project's reporting api
33,7360rails_i18n_routesThis gem has been renamed to just "translatable_routes".
33,7360rails_cache_itlightweight Rails AR cache implement, very simple and easy to use
33,7360rack-opalRack middleware for automagical Opal compilation
33,7360kamikazeSite going down? Not without taking the rest of the server with it. Your app deserves a...
33,7360gridgraphyWhether you're developing a small single page site or architecting a large scale respon...
33,7360goblinA simple ruby irc alert bot
33,7360geothird-linguistGitHub Language detection
33,7360contextual_modelsrole-based contexts for active record models
33,7360bootstrap-datetime-picker-for-railsAdd http://www.malot.fr/bootstrap-datetimepicker/ to the rails asset pipeline