Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
136841-136860 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980todo-notifyA command line program for reminding you of items on your todo list.
36,4980sportdb-playsportdb plugin for plays (predictions, betting pool, etc.)
36,4980spinoffEnvironment preloader
36,4980spellyEasy spell checker
36,4980emtraceroutetraceroute utility on EventMachine
36,4980ember-bootstrap-railsAdd ember-boostrap to your rails/ember project :)
36,4980dilationA controllable timer
36,4980databaseA base to place data
36,4980codesake-dawnCodesake::Dawn is a security source code scanner for ruby powered code. Starting from J...
36,4980captioUseful utility to capture stdout or stderr. Works with threads and suprocesses
36,4980caesar_cipherIs a simple Caesar Cipher ruby implementation
36,4980bsearch-rubyA binary search implementation in ruby
36,4980zenweb-textileA plugin for zenweb to process .textile files with RedCloth
36,4980xml_resourceCreate object trees out of XML documents
36,4980wrapupWrapUp, a simple wrapper gem for collections
36,4980truss-routerTruss Router is a modular Rack Router for Truss
36,4980tapiocaOne project to glue them all
36,4980snooperSnooper is a lightweight test automation tool, it monitors files and folders while you ...
36,4980safe_nested_callsAllows you to safely call nested methods on an object, returning nil if they are undefi...
36,4980roqua-gemA wrapper for the RoQua API (internal usage only for now)