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136861-136880 of all 138,851 gems.
61,1751dbldots_oedipus== Sphinx 2 Comes to Ruby Oedipus brings full support for Sphinx 2 to Ruby: - real-...
61,1751bibliotequeLocal files parser. It parses files stored in a local directories and writes the inform...
61,1751staterState Model rows with state_id column
61,1751rubysl-win32oleRuby Standard Library - win32ole
61,1751ohm-compositeComposite (regular and unique) indices for Ohm.
61,1751mongo_deltaStreaming documents between MongoDB clusters
61,1751json-pointerJSON Pointer implementation
61,1751hatio-coreHatio-Lab. Application Core Library
61,1751gsmEasily update all of your git projects's submodules to their latest tags.
61,1751gpgcGpgCrypt is a gem that helps you encrypt messages.
61,1751resque-serialResque serial jobs
61,1751pay_with_meA gem for e-payment systems API's and SCI's
61,1751mystery_dateAllows you to easily define date methods where the day month or year is unknown.
61,1751lib-generatorSimple Rails generator to create a class in the lib directory with a matching spec.
61,1751kitchen-blueboxKitchen::Driver::Bluebox - A Blue Box block API driver for Test Kitchen
61,1751js-cldr-timezonesAdd translated timezones according to CLDR for your ruby rails assets
61,1751hector-core-jarsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
61,1751editable_areasRenders text or an editor anywhere in your rails 4 application
61,1751csv_madnessCSV Madness removes what little pain is left from Ruby's CSV class. Load a CSV file, a...
61,1751cancan-2Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permiss...