Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
136861-136880 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980rl_hiya_mooradian_martinThis was a test to upload a gem to rubygems.org for the RL course
36,4980rl_hiya_baiki_dotThe library will return a greeting.
36,4980rfcommerce_sandboxRequired dependancy for Rfcommerce
36,4980rfcommerce_authRequired dependancy for Rfcommerce
36,4980printerSending commands to a small thermal printer
36,4980presdocsThin Ruby wrapper for the Compilation of Presidential Documents
36,4980phpcodepersonal useful php codes
36,4980merleTest of gem for heroku
36,4980level_upA rails engine to structure, run and manage asynchronous jobs
36,4980em-wrapperWraps objects callbacks to EventMachine next ticks, so allows transparent multiplexing ...
36,4980csquareC, then D, C++, C# -- now C^2, simple C templates using Ruby. Consider this to be a so...
36,4980ckeditor4rubyCKEditor-port for Ruby.
36,4980blimpRuby gem that implements the Blimp Public API http://dev.getblimp.com/
36,4980aqlThe ArangoDB AQL AST. Intended for query generation.
36,4980wgenA few usefull Rails generators for wasabit
36,4980wellwellwellJSON to XML
36,4980violetViolet is a JavaScript parser inspired by Peter van der Zee's ZeParser.
36,4980static_geocode_lookupSimple wrapper for an AWK Script to lookup US Geocodes from a static spreadsheet.
36,4980section9-unittestSection9-unittest is an extension for Test::Unit. * 'describe' and 'it' are available (...
36,4980sakura_cloudSakura Cloud Ruby API