Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
136861-136880 of all 141,469 gems.
33,7360bio-img_metadataReads metadata from Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG) metadata files into a programmat...
33,7360we-rspecRSpec extensions for we.gem
33,7360vagrant-brightboxEnables Vagrant to manage servers in Brightbox Cloud.
33,7360supertermA terminal that focuses on remote control for various events.
33,7360studiogame_ebertjRead me.
33,7360ShippingInfoProvides an interface to get shipping rates and transit time for Fedex, UPS, and USPS
33,7360scout_rails_proxy_proxyMonitors a Ruby on Rails application and reports detailed metrics on performance to Sco...
33,7360rseg1.9A Chinese Word Segmentation(中文分词) routine in pure Ruby
33,7360rosterapi client for interacting with dugout
33,7360rack_doublesRack middleware for creating faking responses for HTTP web services that an application...
33,7360negval-omniauth-yandexOmniAuth strategy for Yandex.ru
33,7360mongoid-solrSolr integration for mongoid
33,7360inputmask-multi-railsInputmask Multi for Rails. https://github.com/andr-04/inputmask-multi
33,7360injectable_dependenciesLightweight Ruby Dependency Injection
33,7360characterAdmin framework for rails + mongoid web applications.
33,7360unit_converterconverts fahrenheit/celcius, pounds/kilograms, miles/kilometers
33,7360tagstandImplements the complete functionality of the Tagstand Tag Manager API beta (v0.2).
33,7360spree_swatchesUse Bootswatch themes for your spree site
33,7360smart_listEasy to use list behavior for ActiveRecord models, includes grouping of items by column...
33,7360simple-validatorsAdds model validations to the host application