Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137821-137840 of all 147,185 gems.
41,6570merchii-placeholder_imageGenerate generic placeholder vector images - just like placehold.it, but native.
41,6570mclaunchA craftbukkit server launcher
41,6570jomz-is_paranoidActiveRecord 2.3 compatible gem "allowing you to hide and restore records without actua...
41,6570heroix_apiClient code to make requests to the Heroix API. See http://heroix.everydayhero.com.au/d...
41,6570hbuilderHash builder for views
41,6570envcheckProvides a simple way to test that your environment is configured correctly.
41,6570bugs_on_hubA simple way to use github issues features in your project
41,6570allowA very small authorization library.
41,6570web_rulesHi level web access library got rules
41,6570vitunes-10.5Control iTunes with Vim
41,6570tumblr2description: tumblr2 kicks the ass
41,6570treereplSystem for accessing web services for tree-like things via the repl
41,6570testotronTestotron can automatically test basic functions of common servers, so you can get an...
41,6570testable_examplesTest your examples!
41,6570svdirThe svdir package controls service directories, a scheme for reliably controlling daemo...
41,6570smart_cacheSmart Cache
41,6570sbaA Ruby wrapper for the SBA APIs.
41,6570rubyduckRubyDuck is a Ruby library for interacting with DuckDuckGo ( https://duckduckgo.com/ ).
41,6570ruby-backuplonger description of your gem