Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137821-137840 of all 137,939 gems.
122,5980unicorn-soft-timeoutGraceful handling of requests which are reaching the timeout limit to avoid SIGKILL
122,5980amendBasic ODM wrapper for Rethinkdb
122,5980vagrant-destroyerIf enable calls vagrant destroy following a vagrant up
122,5980thrustThrust provides a collection of rake tasks for iOS projects. These include tasks for r...
122,5980wilburWilbur is primarly a wrapper around OpenWRT Buildroot. Building a custom OpenW...
122,5980surroundedGives an object implicit access to other objects in it's environment.
122,5980thunder-1.9.3Thunder does command line interfaces. Nothing more, nothing less.
122,5980ramontayag-middlewareGeneralized implementation of the middleware abstraction for Ruby.
122,5980kbKitchen Busser - Runs tests for projects in test-kitchen
122,5980ecm_lightboxECM Lightbox Module
122,5980kolach_locomotive_cmsThis is a Devise version dependency bug patched Locomotive CMS v2.0.0.rc12. Devise upda...
122,5980validate_as_seo_tagValidate SEO-tag format
122,5980vagrant-shipExport a Vagrant box as an OVF.
122,5980rubynasThe ruby based nas system
122,5980sinatra-sextantA fancy DSL for Sinatra routing
122,5980permissionerA Ruby on Rails authorization gem
122,5980do_sqlserver-tinytdsImplements the DataObjects API for Microsoft SQL Server using TinyTDS
122,5980dates2svgGenerate a SVG month grid w/ heatmap based on array of dates.
122,5980xively-cliXively CLI