Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137821-137840 of all 139,648 gems.
95,1490berlusconiThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
95,1490angularjs-rails-gemInjects Angular.js into your asset pipeline as well as other Angular modules.
95,1490akagiSimple Midway game-server client library
95,1490jamefIntegração com web service da Jamef
95,1490ipa_account_checkDisplays AppStore account from .ipa file
95,1490hello_natanA simple hello Natan gem
95,1490condo_mongoidProvides database storage via Mongoid.
95,1490btstpinstall my gems
95,1490html_safe_attributeDeclare html_safe attributes in your Rails models
95,1490hierarchy_snapshotThis project adds the ability for ActiveRecord-based projects to automatically maintain...
95,1490cross_validationPerforms k-fold cross-validation on machine learning classifiers.
95,1490corpus-processorProcess linguistic corpus
95,1490burlesqueCrea estructura de roles y grupos para caulquier modelo, considera ademas las 3 tablas ...
95,1490browsqlA simple gem for browsing through your sql Database in Rails
95,1490google_bannersGoogle banners helper gem
95,1490glimpse-svnProvide a glimpse into the Subversion info of your Rails application.
95,1490digest-emailSend Digest email to your customer.
95,1490clueEase up interactions with CLI tools by wrapping them in objects
95,1490BrianTestGemA gem to explain how to make gems