Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137821-137840 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980guard-simple_shellA guard that runs a shell command once, even when there are multiple file changes
36,4980git-find-branching-pointA Ruby script for git that helps you find the branching point between two git branches.
36,4980gemagentEasily consume FreeAgent's OAuth2 API using simple data structures. Designed to be easi...
36,4980duckinator-fakefsA fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
36,4980deckrDeckr is a utility for deck.js. - Generate a Sinatra application for deck.js. - Easy t...
36,4980databasedotcom_cloudfujiA ruby wrapper for the Force.com REST API
36,4980cli-forgeA library for building CLI tools that are intended to be easily extensible (git style)
36,4980cartodb-rb-client-rails-322Allows quick and easy connection to the cartodb API.
36,4980value-yardValue-YARD Value-YARD provides YARD handlers for Value┬╣ objects. ┬╣ Check out the Va...
36,4980utm-builderBuilds UTM links
36,4980tvdinnerSpork utility, cookbooks for cookbook gems scaffolding, helper functions for chef-solo,...
36,4980subscribableGroups, Users, or other models can subscribe to each other.
36,4980stepladderStepladder grew out of experimentation with Ruby fibers, after readings Dave Thomas' de...
36,4980sqoop-rubySimple Ruby wrapper for Sqoop JDBC HDFS import/export tool
36,4980sixarm_ruby_metric_namesMetric names for numbers, such as kilo, mega, giga
36,4980rolexRolex: simple roles, backed by redis
36,4980rails-gsaIntegrate GSA(Google Search Appliance) with your ruby/rails application.
36,4980rails_bootstrap_helpersSome helpful Twitter Bootstrap Rails helpers. I felt the pai...
36,4980racoviUse Hevents (https://github.com/yarmand/hevents) to create JS init function for Rails c...
36,4980pulp_simpleSimple wrapper around Fedora Pulp REST API