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137921-137940 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980beans-rakismetRakismet is the easiest way to integrate Akismet or TypePad's AntiSpam into your Rails ...
36,4980xslt-morpheusNo, really, this lets you use XSLT in Rails. Don't laugh, it can sometimes be a good id...
36,4980utestTesting and Mock Aids (e.g. Redis mock)
36,4980softwaregravy-net-http-persistentManages persistent connections using Net::HTTP plus a speed fix for Ruby 1.8. It's thre...
36,4980rubymudWIP: A MUD server written in Ruby and powered by EventMachine.
36,4980raffle_v1An admin sets up the raffle entry requirements. Users must meet the raffle validation r...
36,4980plextailTakes tailed files in a single tail call and sends them through to Heroku Logplex with ...
36,4980my_feedsHelp you implement feeds / timeline / public activity in rails application.
36,4980gator-as3-robotlegsGator Generators for RobotLegs
36,4980exception_searchStuck on a weird exception? Save a few seconds by linking right to the search results
36,4980dcentralizedAPI wrapper for d-centralize.nl
36,4980cf-twitter-bootstrap-railstwitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 3.1 Asset Pi...
36,4980animenewsnetworkAnimeNewsNetwork API
36,4980amkhmerA simple hello world gem
36,4980adieushThis is my first gem
36,4980vibesA gem to utilize the Vibes Media APIs, such as Legacy, MessageAPI, and Catapult
36,4980twitter_filterlets you find the Tweets you want
36,4980toxbank-investigationToxbank investigation service
36,4980sinatra_ad_authSinatra extension to add authentication against a given active directory