Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137921-137940 of all 147,185 gems.
41,6570mongoid_big_decimal_integerMongoid type which stores BigDecimals as Integers.
41,6570matrix-extAdds useful methods to the Matrix class
41,6570guess4rlibguess binding for ruby 1.9 or later.
41,6570gembird-backendWrapper around sispmctl script
41,6570extrarangeThe SparseRange class lets you easily collect many ranges into one.You can perform logi...
41,6570easytagEasyTag is an abstract interface to the TagLib audio tagging library. It is designe...
41,6570disable_rails_jsonDisables ActiveSupport's json encoding
41,6570devise-twitter-amuinoSign in via Twitter and Connect your account to Twitter functionality for your Devise/R...
41,6570crazy_dbRails database information
41,6570capistrano-redeployA dangerous recipe that overwrites your running application.
41,6570velocityProvides a barebones, but supremely quick way of querying your ActiveRecord database.
41,6570validate_spanish_vatValida NIF, CIF y NIE espaƱoles
41,6570unclebilly-activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapterOracle "enhanced" ActiveRecord adapter contains useful additional methods for working w...
41,6570the-official-groupme-ab-testing-solutionThe Official GroupMe AB Testing Solution
41,6570spaced_repetitionRuby gem for calculating spaced repetition intervals.
41,6570small-potatosSmall tools for the command line.
41,6570rurlRurl is to curl as Rake is to make
41,6570ruby-graphviz-mindmapA library that takes a ruby description of a mind map and outputs a graphviz dot file
41,6570rubygraphSimple ruby graph
41,6570rack_monitorTools for monitoring Rack apps in production.