Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
137921-137940 of all 141,469 gems.
33,7360virtus_dynamicVirtus Dynamic Library
33,7360thin_uploadthin_upload provides upload progress measuring functionality for thin ruby server, prog...
33,7360raxLift heavy things inside your Rackspace
33,7360omniauth-everyplayEveryplay strategy for OmniAuth
33,7360image_tag_silent_altSet an image's alt attribute to a blank string by default.
33,7360hippoloadBasic Ruby wrapper for httperf
33,7360haps_studio_gameThis is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course,...
33,7360handlebars-amd-railsUse Handlebars templates precompiled and wrapped in a AMD define block, with the asset ...
33,7360google-cseA wee Google CSE client
33,7360dropmyemail-openstackAPI Binding for OpenStack. With Swauth authentication for Swift
33,7360blackholeThe blackhole is a UDP listening server. IT store udp packets into mongodb
33,7360acceptance_tests_supportDescription: simplifies congiguration and run of acceptance tests.
33,7360tag_sharkhorseThis friendly sharkhorse gives you tags in your Rails app.
33,7360tag_ealThis friendly eal gives you tags in your Rails app.
33,7360simsimiA chatting bot for ruby
33,7360sidebar-engineprovide sidbar engine.
33,7360sass-pygments-railsSASS Pygments Rails
33,7360pd_metricsLibrary to send metrics to Logstash, which then delivers them to PagerDuty's metric sys...
33,7360omniauth-credportOmniauth Strategy for Credport