Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
138461-138480 of all 141,469 gems.
33,7360poweroff_inPoweroff after a delay.
33,7360omniauth-plurkan omniauth strategy for plurk
33,7360neo4j_serverNeo4j::Server is a packaged distribution of the Neo4j java server. This Gem is ins...
33,7360microstationthis is a gem that wraps Bentley Microstation using the WIN32OLE library.
33,7360mantis_bug_reporterTies into Mantis api to create issues, add notes, and update issues.
33,7360keyword_search_yjchenGeneric library to parse GMail-style search strings for keyword/value pairs; supports d...
33,7360groundwork-railsResponsive Rails Apps using Groundwork
33,7360goodreads-wrapperEasily use Ruby to find information on Goodreads.com.
33,7360factory_generatorSimple tool for autogenerating Java Factories from text files
33,7360coyProtects sensitive file artifacts in a project, e.g. a yaml file with passwords in it.
33,7360celluloid-dnsCelluloid::DNS provides a high-performance DNS client resolver and server which can b...
33,7360buildr-html5Build like you code - now supporting HTML, JS and CSS
33,7360vtapigem for VirusTotal Public API version2.0.
33,7360snowGenerate static pages with ease, using a layout for public/404.html, etc
33,7360signed_form-simple_formSimpleForm adapter for SignedForm
33,7360rspec-formatter-antipopAlways think antipop
33,7360omniauth-justintvJustinTV strategy for OmniAuth.
33,7360maven_requireallow requiring maven coordinates in jruby, this is useful
33,7360kolorsUses KMeans clustering and the L*A*B* colorspace to extract "approximate human vision" ...