Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
138461-138480 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980monetary_valueProvides the MonetaryValue and Currency classes.
36,4980march_blogDescription of MarchBlog.
36,4980guard-treetopGuard::Treetop automatically compiles your treetop grammars
36,4980gemgateHost a private gem repository at S3
36,4980flickr_badge_makerConvenient access to Flickr photosets for creating a photo gallery badge.
36,4980fg-quickgenerateplugin for FactoryGirl: Easy way to quick generate samples
36,4980eager_loadable_polymorphic_associationadd eager loading functionality to ActiveRecord's polymorphic association.
36,4980dssc_simpleruby library for dssc revision control system. Binary dssc_simple_report included for...
36,4980drapeerDrapeer: Vieew Modeels for Rails
36,4980define-wnLook up words using Wordnet
36,4980couchbase-oauth2Couchbase OAuth2 Provider using Couchbase
36,4980chef-handler-coppereggThis Handler will report the metrics for a chef-client run to CopperEgg.
36,4980bickleBickle is a tool to display your build status from your terminal.
36,4980antismoker-memcacheAn antismoker plugin for smoke testing memcache services.
36,4980visionVision is a Rails Way dashboard, built as a simple alternative to ActiveAdmin.
36,4980rgloaderGemified RubyEncoder loaders.
36,4980podtergeistCLI to create or append to podcast-compatible rss via args
36,4980omniauth-googleplusOmniAuth strategy for Google Plus
36,4980omniauth-empireavenueEmpireAvenue.com authentication handler for OmniAuth
36,4980nesta-plugin-google-adsAdd google ads to nesta!