Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
138461-138480 of all 147,185 gems.
41,6570battle-onA gem that provides a simple API to ease interacting with the Platform45 API for their ...
41,6570api-presenterA JSON resource presenter for a specific api media type
41,6570yaml_translateTranslating YAML-files using Google
41,6570whodumpCLI for checking domain name availability
41,6570vat-calculatorGem for calculating product sum with vat, product sum without vat and product sum of vat.
41,6570uploadcareAllow easy access to the Uploadcare.com API
41,6570toystore-couchCouchDB integration for Toystore
41,6570testinatorA simple gem to create chef cookbook tests (using chefspec and fauxhai)
41,6570sunrise-questionsQuestions plugin for Sunrise CMS via aimbulance
41,6570somatsuSomatsu is a web app with its Rack middleware permits to manage rails apps installation...
41,6570setterSetter Library
41,6570scriptedEasily specify which scripts to run, which ones to run in parallel, control their exit ...
41,6570scaleheroHeroku Auto Scaler using heroku-api gem
41,6570restetProvides a very simple extraction resource for extracing text from slices of a PDF.
41,6570reifyA toolkit for web development with Sinatra. This includes them all!
41,6570git-graphMake graphs from your git history
41,6570furltilityA simple yet very effective library to get awesome-looking URLs in Ruby on Rails, witho...
41,6570dm-frontbase-adaptergem description
41,6570devise_couchrest_modeldevise couchrest_model plugin
41,6570climagicA simple gem to get todays command from climagic.org