Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
138461-138480 of all 138,851 gems.
61,1751jpicker-railsjPicker for rails with asset pipline support
61,1751hola-peterfeiA simple hello world gem by peterfei
61,1751github_authorized_keysPulls all of the keys for all members of an organization from GitHub
61,1751easingCollection of common easing functions for Ruby
61,1751attr_protectedProvides a few methods to set up internal accessors for instance variables
61,1751tastetaste is sort of a linting tool that checks if your scss/sass code follows proven best-...
61,1751scList of HTTP status codes with pattern matching.
61,1751robjectRObject is a wrapper library for RSRuby.
61,1751redis-store-jsonRails 4 Redis session store for ActionPack with JSON serialization
61,1751page_fragmentsStorage page fragments in database
61,1751opentox-featureSimple OpenTox Feature Service
61,1751maestro_commonA bunch of utility classes that are used in multiple places
61,1751kitchen-fifoKitchen::Driver::FIFO - A Test Kitchen Driver for Project-FIFO
61,1751hominid-woutHominid is a Ruby gem that provides a wrapper for interacting with the Mailchimp email ...
61,1751golden-menuGolden Menu creates menus by building a hierarchiacal tree first and linking related re...
61,1751stackmachineuse the StackMachine service.
61,1751search_sort_paginateSearchSortPaginate has convenience methods that hook into your controllers.
61,1751redis-rack-jsonRails 4 Redis session store for ActionPack with JSON serialization
61,1751rakeshedRun rake tasks in the browser without blowing up your screen with a switch to the termi...