Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139461-139480 of all 139,648 gems.
95,1490carrierwave-ttTokyoTyrant Storage support for CarrierWave
95,1490jdbc-cassandraInstall this gem `require 'jdbc/cassandra'` and invoke `Jdbc::Cassandra.load_driver` wi...
95,1490hypercubeA virtual machine manager that doesn't suck as much as doing everything manually.
95,1490hatolenceWrapper for hate_crimes api
95,1490grape-client-generatorAutomatically generate clients for your Grape APIs.
95,1490gcm_for_chromeGoogle Cloud Message for Chrome gem
95,1490cache_and_fetchA gem that allows you to soft expire cache, use a stale resource and fetch the fresh re...
95,1490alanDSL for creating and running different automations
95,1490github-payloadSummarize GitHub Service Payloads easily
95,1490get-tumblr-oauth-tokenThe "get-tumblr-oauth-token" is a command to get OAuth token. Let's get OAuth token!
95,1490factoryA mixin implementing the Factory design pattern via Ruby meta-programming.
95,1490document_recordUses an Active Record as a schema-less document
95,1490dbd_onto_engineA Rails engine that serves the dbd_onto ontology.
95,1490collapseCollapse directories
95,1490jquery-table-js-railsAsset pipeline integration for https://github.com/geraldb/jquery.table.js
95,1490jquery-addresspicker-railsAssets for https://github.com/sgruhier/jquery-addresspicker
95,1490hola_hganevA simple hello world gem
95,1490fartscroll-railsGem to automate use of the Onion's fartscroll.js using asset pipeline.
95,1490excel_parserThis is a very small helper gem that uses roo to convert excel files to a ruby array of...
95,1490elanceA gem for utilizing the Elance API