Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139461-139480 of all 144,847 gems.
35,6170mmonitRuby interface to M/Monit
35,6170mfsMongoFileStore lets you load files into mongo and attach metadata.
35,6170mastarMASTer table on Active Record
35,6170leap_web_usersThis this plugin for the leap platform provides user signup and login. It uses Secure R...
35,6170hola_shunA simple hello world gem
35,6170go-waldoFind where is your commit inside the Go pipelines
35,6170gas_statsKeep track of your gas usage. Stores statistics for built in commands in gas
35,6170cache_lookupProvide a cache system for single ActiveRecord objects with expiry on update and delete
35,6170bamboo_apiAtlassian Bamboo API Wrapper
35,6170synesketch-jrubyA poorly implemented JRuby compatible Synesketch wrapper
35,6170sr71A remote service monitor
35,6170spielplan_saarHandball Spielplan Saar Parser
35,6170sinatra-route-mapperSinatra middleware to assign a callback on a certain route set
35,6170secheSeche is a grid system for Rails Applications
35,6170readmedia-garbGoogle Analytics API (v2.4) Ruby Wrapper
35,6170rack-authenticationA modular implementation of Rack Auth
35,6170polychromasia["A color randomizer for various applications."]
35,6170ncsa-parserA simple NCSA-style log file parser.
35,6170motion-sparkinspectorUse SparkInspector in RubyMotion apps
35,6170mcspoofyEasily spoof your MAC address