Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139461-139480 of all 142,655 gems.
39,5790pebbles-fujoshia joke gem to fujoshizing
39,5790parakeetParakeet is a ruby gem that makes it easier to check that the parameters you expect in ...
39,5790paperclip_asyncAsync processing of paperclip thumbnails
39,5790numbered_relationshipsAmount-based filtering for AR Models and Associations
39,5790netns-vrflinux vrf-lite command line wannabe
39,5790miu-rpcmiu rpc extension
39,5790HNsearchA Ruby Gem for searching Hacker News via your terminal
39,5790dashing_storageAdd storage feature to the Dashing dashboard (mongoDb support)
39,5790bootstrap-scrolltable-railsTable with fixed header for Twitter Bootstrap
39,5790uri-hasparserQuick hack to access URI.escape without warnings on ruby 1.8.7 .. 2.0+
39,5790scrolls-railsTools for using Scrolls logger in Rails
39,5790roar-sinatraIntegration of roar into Sinatra
39,5790respectRespect lets you specify object schema using a Ruby DSL. It also provides validators, s...
39,5790railscast-assetsRails asset wrapper for the Railscast look-n-feel, http://railscasts.com/"
39,5790psqlA simple ruby library for consuming the `psql` command.
39,5790postablrPostablr a mountable blog engine similar with focus on tumblr entries style
39,5790placesearchLookup Google Place API
39,5790pactrackRuby API Wrapper for the Swedish postal service
39,5790next_busOuputs the time until the next bus
39,5790gamespacelonger description of your gem