Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139461-139480 of all 147,185 gems.
41,6570coffee-groundsThis gem will provide an easy way to export your rails routes to a javascript file that...
41,6570casper-proxyA transparent HTTP proxy useful in the preliminary recognize step for a web application...
41,6570aversionManage the version number for your application
41,6570ashikawa-arDeprecated ArangoDB ODM. Go to guacamole instead.
41,6570vlad-assetsVlad tasks for the Rails asset pipline
41,6570tweetsentimentsA Ruby wrapper for the www.tweetsentiments.com REST APIs
41,6570turboGenerate Rails Engines with a minimal embedded dummy app for testing, compatible with T...
41,6570triphthongTriphthong counts syllables in Polish text
41,6570transceiverTransceiver is a framework for developing services designed to receive and transmit dat...
41,6570trail-rubyAPI Wrapper for Trail
41,6570symbol_lookupA gemified version of the Symbol.find(str) method
41,6570sql_logicInspired from SearchLogic, but lighter and focused in sql sentence generation.
41,6570spree_product_translationTranslate products in multiple languages
41,6570sexp_grammarSexpGrammar helps manipulating sexp-like grammars in ruby.
41,6570service_configConfigure your values using the environment, with fallbacks
41,6570redis-connection-sslan SSL connection library for redis
41,6570rack-mixpanelRack middleware for tracking Mixpanel events
41,6570pinPinhead checks licenses of gems and maybe more.
41,6570pererinha_my_string_extendsThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
41,6570omnifocus-pivotaltrackerPlugin for omnifocus gem to provide Pivotal Tracker BTS synchronization.