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139501-139520 of all 139,648 gems.
95,1490flexyearParse common year range formats like '1973-75' or natural language ranges like 'mid 80s'
95,1490freemium-ajbThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
95,1490event_sourceEvent sourcing allows you to persist changes to your domain instead of the state of you...
95,1490daemonicDaemonic makes multi-threaded daemons easy.
95,1490dbd_ontoOntologies for Dbd
95,1490bootstrap_calendar_railsbootstrap_calendar_rails allow you to build beautiful calendars with Twitter Bootstrap ...
95,1490architectsArchitects is a RESTful API framework
95,1490jquery-ui-rails-google-cdnUse the Google CDN to serve jquery ui files and fall back to the local version if the C...
95,1490authkickLightweight authentication for OmniAuth
95,1490file_processorA more powerful CSV file processor
95,1490imseng-business_timeHave you ever wanted to do things like "6.business_days.from_now" and have weekends and...
95,1490ifillThin Ruby wrapper for the Compilation of Presidential Documents
95,1490hola-nicklink483A simple hello world gem
95,1490glebtv-carrierwave-mongoidThis fork makes GridFS optional
95,1490bootstrap-jasnyRuby library for bootstrap-jasny developed by jasny(http://jasny.github.io/bootstrap/)
95,1490bootstrap-file-inputFile input field looks like a Bootstrap button in all browsers (Thanks to https://githu...
95,1490flatiron-ice-breakersTest Gem!
95,1490chassis-ponyAdds Pony gem, config, templates, and Rake tasks to Chassis.
95,1490ava_rb_toolboxSmall useful additions to ruby standard classes