Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139501-139520 of all 142,655 gems.
39,5790airplane_modeGather Ruby documentation for offline viewing
39,5790vagrant-http-basic-authenticationThis Vagrant plugin allows user to define box urls that use HTTP Basic Authentication
39,5790vagrant-chefnodeRemove nodes and clients from Chef Server when instances are destroyed
39,5790tinymce-rails-documentuploadTinyMCE plugin for taking documents uploads in Rails >= 3.1
39,5790sprigganGit post-receive hook debian-package build-system
39,5790spree_fastspringFastspring integration for Spree
39,5790simple-uiSimple code for simple things in the console
39,5790sharp_socialMake actors could follow each other in you application
39,5790sambatechA simple hello world gem
39,5790rack_image_assets_cache_controlCache Control Image Assets in rails development
39,5790rabbit-slide-tommy-rubyencoding東京Ruby会議10 #tkrk10 で発表したスライド
39,5790okta_samlThe okta_saml gem helps Ruby on Rails applications communicate with Okta
39,5790kris_holaA simple hello world gem
39,5790hola_xumcA simple hello world gem
39,5790band_pageWrapper for BandPage API
39,5790nike_rbNikeRb is a ruby wrapper for the Nike Developers API. Originally created for use with ...
39,5790needy_debuggerneedy_debugger is a less needy (or more if needs be), fast implementation of the stan...
39,5790formerConverts HTML to form fields for editing values in the HTML
39,5790favicoGrabs the favicon of any website you want