Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139501-139520 of all 144,847 gems.
35,6170word-bloomGuesses the natural language of a text sample based on bloom filter matches of words in...
35,6170vmtouchvmtouch - portable file system cache diagnostics and control
35,6170universityModels the course system of a university or another institution of higher education
35,6170sequel-locationAdd support for geolocation search to sequel models
35,6170roconnectorA Ruby interface an online registration service's API version 1.
35,6170radiant-clipped-extension-add-groupAsset-management derived from Keith Bingman's Paperclipped extension.
35,6170orm_adapter_rails4_fixProvides a single point of entry for using basic features of ruby ORMs
35,6170jamefIntegração com web service da Jamef
35,6170ipa_account_checkDisplays AppStore account from .ipa file
35,6170hello_natanA simple hello Natan gem
35,6170condo_mongoidProvides database storage via Mongoid.
35,6170btstpinstall my gems
35,6170time_machine_toolsTools that copy data off Apple time machine backups on systems that do not support the ...
35,6170thingspeak-apiA wrapper for the ThingSpeak API to make interacting with your ThingSpeak channels easy...
35,6170sprockets-typescriptTypeScript compiler for Sprockets
35,6170spree_statesProvides states seed data for use in Spree.
35,6170skitter-rails[NOT COMPLETE YET] includes all the files necessary to integrate skitter slideshow
35,6170remote_notifierStore your errors on other server - and manage them!.
35,6170provisionLets one hook a provision for a method
35,6170parade-preshowAdds a time configurable preshow to a Parade presentation, allowing you to present imag...