Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
140481-140500 of all 145,532 gems.
30,5720endorsterEndorster API wrapper
30,5720derpinderpA great way to expand your derp
30,5720dazeusRuby bindings for DaZeus
30,5720webshellrubyWebshell API of APIs
30,5720thinlayer-chef-boundary-annotations-handlerChef Handler that creates Boundary Annotations from Chef Exceptions
30,5720the_dudeThe Dude helps chill out your command line life
30,5720stubhubA Ruby gem for accessing the stubhub api
30,5720ship-itShipit is a sinatra app for continous deployment
30,5720sangakuSangaku contains classes for Point, Line, Polygon, AABB and so on in 2D. It can find th...
30,5720popspellA simple phrase spell checker using google search recommendations.
30,5720modulargrid-railsRails wrapper implementation of Modulargrid.js
30,5720minmb-teambox-clientProvides methods to read and write to Teambox for ruby apps
30,5720mailhopper_mongoidMongoid based replacement Mailhopper::Email model
30,5720log_mixinThe LogMixin module provides (you guessed it) a mixin to make logging more convenient. ...
30,5720icon_linkView helper methods that makes it easy adding icons to links and buttons. Meant to be u...
30,5720heimdallHeimdall, a permission system
30,5720guard-javaGuard::Java automatically run your unit tests when you save files (much like Eclipse's ...
30,5720foarumSinatra powered forum
30,5720cinch-links-tumblrCinch gem that logs every link posted in the channel to a Tumblr
30,5720carrierwave-pressplaneUpload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them on diff...