Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
141301-141320 of all 148,587 gems.
113,9571git_djA simple and lightweight alternative to git flow
113,9571curb_threadpoolA multi-threaded worker pool for Curb
113,9571cinch-quotesGives Cinch IRC bots ability to manage quotes
113,9571gsaslA library for doing SASL based authentication mechanisms
113,9571domain-probeA simple library to probe the dns records under specific domain, as many as possilbe
113,9571hello_mailAdd a rake task to test your mail configuration on Rails 3
113,9571gtk2_treeview_settingsA gem that helps with ordering of columns and more.
113,9571em-rspecTest EventMachine code in RSpec 2
113,9571fcoury-matchyRSpec-esque matchers for use in Test::Unit
113,9571expoExpo hopes to ease writing smaller, more cohesive objects in a Rails-like setting.
113,9571garota_da_fabricaUtilize os "steps_definitions" do FactoryGirl em português com o Cucumber.
113,9571dicebagA very flexible dice rolling library for Ruby.
113,9571fast_submission_protectionReject form submissions based on the time taken to submit them. Version 0.1.2
113,9571has_durationExtends ActiveRecord to let you store time durations like '1.month' or '10.years'. It d...
113,9571domain_prefixA library to extract information about top-level domain and registered name from generi...
113,9571daemontorModule to aid in running background processes.
113,9571fms-admin-apiRuby client and command line interface to Flash Media Server Administration API
113,9571ernicornErnicorn is a BERT-RPC server packaged as a gem.
113,9571directwaveA simple way to direct upload big files to Amazon S3 storage from Ruby applications and...
113,9571erb2haml_cliA simple script to convernt all erb files to haml under directory