Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
141301-141320 of all 141,469 gems.
33,7360gapinc-fogThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
33,7360circular-mailMass email sending through smtp, rfc-2822 standard. Highly configurable, and feature ri...
33,7360angular-tabsSimple angular directive for declaring tabs.
33,7360ancestry-treeviewAn extension of ancestry gem to show a tree view
33,7360ada_devA gem to automate Ada Dev life
33,7360yepkeynav-railsRails engine to support yepKeyNav.
33,7360web-ex-eventsAllows fetching and parsing WebEx events through the WebEx API. Events can be queried a...
33,7360store_hoursA small parser for store normal business hours
33,7360red_pandaLibrary to determine MACRS Straight Line Depreciation of assets..
33,7360range_arrayGem to create and manage an array of ranges
33,7360ja-apnsSimple Apple push notification service gem
33,7360cordageFlexible record based associations in ActiveFedora models.
33,7360ysetsCreate contants for your Rails 3 app using yml files
33,7360vines-redisStores Vines user data in Redis.
33,7360tire-suggest_pluginAddition for Tire to work with suggester plugin for elasticsearch
33,7360siriusapi for 2ch.hk
33,7360rocket_pants-coreRocketPants core provides functionality for RocketPants shared between different
33,7360rails-ueditorUeditor for Rails
33,7360kenichi_nakamuraThis is my kenichi.
33,7360heroku_db_clonePerforms a backup of a heroku database, downloads it, and installs it locally, using th...