Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
141301-141320 of all 144,266 gems.
30,2660stomping_ground-celluloidMock Stomp server to be used when testing stomp consumers, Celluloid::IO version.
30,2660spree_bcashSupport bcash
30,2660rinneRinne - Camel case converter
30,2660nodeattrRuby implementation of nodeattr
30,2660nifty_errorpagesA simple rails engine for customizing your error pages.
30,2660match_media_jsa ruby gem for use in rails 3.2
30,2660lightwave_rfControl LightwaveRF devices with the Wifi Link box
30,2660siriproxy-sanchojust a siriproxy plugin for myself
30,2660seranDsl for wrapping RESTful apis.
30,2660ruby_weekdaysExtends core Date class to allow the selection of upcoming and previous weekdays (e.g M...
30,2660rl_hiya_gupta_harshThe library creates a new class named Hiya and adds a class method hiya, which returns ...
30,2660radius-templateSimple Ruby on Rails wrapper around radius gem
30,2660posix-semaphoreCross-thread, cross-process synchronisation made tolerably easy
30,2660opsdbabstraction about the operation environment
30,2660my_string_extend_rubinhosThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
30,2660my_string_extend_miganeThe library opens up the String class and add a method writesize, which returns the siz...
30,2660libvlcAllows you to play media, and do other things which VLC does.
30,2660flight-railsFlight: an event driven component framework
30,2660evilmarty_activity_streamA Gem for the plugin: https://github.com/evilmarty/activity_stream