Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
141321-141340 of all 148,587 gems.
113,9571denormalize-fieldDenormalize ActiveRecord fields for performance reasons
113,9571flickripInspects flickr http/dom, and allows downloading of images and full sets
113,9571colorlogcolorlog allow you to read a file with some lines colored based on regexp three differe...
113,9571denA really simple static-site generator.
113,9571guard-tayGuard::Tay automatically recompiles your tay-based extensions on change
113,9571iformatA Ruby wrapper for the iFormat API.
113,9571flakeA simple mustache'd proxy object'
113,9571feedleRuby RSS to Kindle
113,9571higmlHigml is a terse format for converting a static input hash to a dynamic output hash.
113,9571gearboxA SPARQL-driven modeling toolset for semantic models.
113,9571drnic-liquidA secure non evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup. Liquid is a templ...
113,9571fomaA wrapper for the FOMA finite state library
113,9571dvd-converterdvd-converter is a set of helper scripts to consistantly back up DVD's use good com...
113,9571dummy_urlsGenerates dummy URLs to hit Rails 3 applications' routes. Since POST and PUT requests r...
113,9571has_filterActive Record filter conditions
113,9571crankinRuby wrapper for the LinkedIn API
113,9571crowdint_authAuthenticate Rails apps with CrowdInt's Google Apps and Devise
113,9571cheddargetterRuby wrapper for the CheddarGetter API
113,9571generateA selection of Rails 3 generators. Useful to somebody, maybe.
113,9571ekeyA ruby wrapper for API of the ekey.ru