Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142161-142180 of all 154,241 gems.
110,1664ObjectProxyObjectProxy provides a proxied interface to Ruby objects. It lets you add methods to o...
110,1664niquola-rbeautifyprettifier/beautifier for Ruby code [from http://www.arachnoid.com/ruby/]
110,1664myronmarston-rack-clientA client wrapper around a Rack app or HTTP
110,1664merb_exceptionsAllows Merb to forward exceptions to emails or web hooks
110,1664lijabExtensible line oriented jabber client
110,1664lab419-configLab419, Labrador for Ruby1.9, Configuration File and DSL Tool
110,1664kernel_hashAdds a Kernel#Hash() method like Kernel#Array()
110,1664jspec_runnerRuns jspec tests from inside rails tests
110,1664igniteA deployment tool based on git push workflow (aka heroku)!
110,1664haml-sass-converters-rubymine-pluginProvides convenient converters for HAML/SASS as plugin for RubyMine IDE.
110,1664diceyCreate dice for use in games such as Yahtzee.
110,1664to-javascriptExtends ActiveSupport adding: - to_js method to all objects that support to_json - Java...
110,1664rubysspi-serverA library which implements Ruby server bindings to the Win32 SSPI library.
110,1664openobjectdescription: openobject kicks the ass
110,1664norwegian-county-namesThe summary pretty much sums it up.
110,1664mastodon2A Ruby parser for todo.txt files
110,1664mashfeedfeed aggregator framework and plugins
110,1664livelydocsEscape the hell of `rake rdoc` .. edit .. `rake rdoc` .. edit
110,1664jordan-brough-hoptoad_notifierSend your application errors to our hosted service and reclaim your inbox.
110,1664jologsYour Jolog Translator