Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142161-142180 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811erruby_parserA Ruby parser written in pure Ruby.
140,0811git-extrasA bunch of git utility scripts.
140,0811counter_cache_redisActiveRecord extentions for counter_cache.
140,0811jquery-morphdomInclude jquery-morphdom to rails asset pipeline
140,0811external_param_validatorGem for validity param
140,0811eslint-autocorrectan autocorrecter for eslint
140,0811conscheduleConschedule library makes it easy to integrate scheduling in your Rails application, fr...
140,0811i2c-ss1602Ruby driver for the SainSmart 1602 LCD display with I2C adapter
140,0811kalebr-pusherA websocket service compatible with Pusher libraries
140,0811enum_i18nMake ActiveRecord::Enum run smoothly with ActiveRecord Internationalization
140,0811cm_apiA Cloudera Manager API Client in Ruby
140,0811gaweJust Helper for development purpose
140,0811fourohfourThe greatest great that ever greated: the 404 page
140,0811facebook-profile-scraperParses info from Facebook profiles
140,0811ereborRuby orchestration framework for HashiCorp based deployment pipelines.
140,0811easy-cxxThis gem conveniently installs all for getting started with cxx-project.
140,0811cxxproject_tomakecreates simple makefiles for cxxprojects as fallback
140,0811cxxproject_clangformatformats sources with clang-format