Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142181-142200 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811covalentRuby orchestration framework for HashiCorp based deployment pipelines.
140,0811google_music_apiUnofficial Google Music API client
140,0811google_analytics_page_view_rankingThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
140,0811gemconSimple console app generator for testing gems.
140,0811json-expect-parserAn alternative JSON parser
140,0811hola_giboA simple hello world gem
140,0811freshdesk-api-clientThis client can be used for accessing Tickets, Users, Discussions and Forums on Freshdesk.
140,0811ffi-rc4OpenSSL/RC4 through FFI
140,0811libroute-componentCommon API for mathematical, scientific and engineering libraries
140,0811html-pipeline-bootstrapbootstrap for html-pipeline
140,0811google_sheets_appendroidApppend rows to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Uses Google Sheets API v4 with server-to-s...
140,0811ethereum-abiEthereum ABI implementation in ruby.
140,0811json_queryQueries a JSON document.
140,0811imdbrbimdbrb description
140,0811cocoapods-unused_podslist unused Pods of project.
140,0811documentation-sunspotDocumentation is a Rails engine which provides a complete system for managing a set of ...
140,0811cocoapods-FrameworkWith this plugin a Framwork project can be created, include Podfile, .podspec and so on.
140,0811kopflosStarts a virtual framebuffer XServer (Xvfb) and redirects all X clients there
140,0811hola_tomomiriversJust another hello world example