Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142201-142220 of all 153,705 gems.
111,5881toddA simple time-tracking todo-list for the command line.
111,5881simple_daemonA simple library for daemonizing scripts.
111,5881sa-tmailTMail is a Ruby-based mail handler. It allows you to compose stadards compliant emails ...
111,5881sandofsky-gd2Ruby interface to gd 2 library.
111,5881ruby-feedbooksruby-feedbooks is a dead simple ruby interface to feedbooks.com
111,5881rubstRewrite of Kenji's subst (http://www-cryst.bioc.cam.ac.uk/~kenji/subst/) in Ruby progra...
111,5881rosxauthRuby/XSLT is a simple class used to give root execution privileges on MacOSX
111,5881queryable_withTie query parameters to scopes, or create dynamic scopes on the fly. Define sets of reu...
111,5881pathfinderdev-mortgage_calcMortgage utilities
111,5881naudo-ruby-iactionableRuby wrapper for IActionable's restful API.
111,5881mapperA tiny geo coordinate converter - basically for plotting latitude/longitude pairs to an...
111,5881j-contactsA universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including...
111,5881wakoopa-trampleA fork of giraffesoft-trample with added functionality for sleeping between requests
111,5881vanunitsVanUnits is a units system providing both SI units and web-updated currency units, via ...
111,5881schema_hashIs your hash in shape? We can help.
111,5881rawdiogenerate WAV files in your spare time
111,5881ninjabutton_chargify_api_aresA Chargify API wrapper for Ruby using ActiveResource
111,5881mbbx6spp-twurlCurl for the Twitter API
111,5881atpayAtpay.net payment class
111,5881wannabeparserLibrary for parsing xml to ruby hashes by input, selecting only specified tag contents