Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142201-142220 of all 151,845 gems.
37,2850ninja-rakeninja-rake enables you to play Ninja on the Rake framework
37,2850mongovSimple data viewer for MongoDB with Sinatra
37,2850moneypennyMoneypenny is a chat bot.
37,2850spree_videosAllows videos (Youtube) to be added on products
37,2850eventmachine-itunesAn EventMachine Extension to Watch iTunes play/stop/pause
37,2850jimmy_hatQuick-and-easy XML-to-JSON con-ver-sion.
37,2850hq-grapher-icinga-perfdataHQ tool to send icinga perfdata to rrd
37,2850hashfunctions11 fast hash functions for general purpose non-cryptographic use implemented originally...
37,2850xero-minWires are oauth-ruby, typhoeus, nokogiri
37,2850detroit-locatLOCat plugin for Detroit build system. Generate detailed LOC charts for your Ruby proj...
37,2850gitorious_openid_authopen_id_authentication provides a thin wrapper around the excellent rack-openid ...
37,2850stupid_spam_protectionAdd validation for not existing field. Useful as spam protection in forms.
37,2850sinatra-twilioEasily create Twilio apps with Sinatra
37,2850rhythmrubyrepresent rhythms as symbolic Strings and write them to MIDI
37,2850rails_dumpRailsDump prints out an html version of your variables
37,2850pirj-sinatra-contribCollection of useful Sinatra extensions
37,2850php-serialize_ryanThis module provides two methods: PHP.serialize() and PHP.unserialize(), both of which...
37,2850parallel_runLaunch shell commands in parallel, capturing stdout and stderr
37,2850normalize_itSeamlessly deal with database tables with normalized info. Auto-generation of relations...
37,2850js-fixturesAn easy way to handle your javascript/html fixtures