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142221-142240 of all 151,947 gems.
94,3440qrz-callbookA front end for the QRZ.COM Amateur Radio callsign database API.
94,3440pickled_arubaCLI Steps for Cucumber, hand pickled for you
94,3440opsb-bourneExtends mocha to allow detailed tracking and querying of stub and mock invocations....
94,3440nesta-plugin-blogazineArt directed blogs (or "blogazines") use a different design on every page. It's easy to...
94,3440nbitarrayPure Ruby n-bit array implementation.
94,3440lantusConvenience wrapper around Time
94,3440constanceDebug and override Rails 3.x constant loading.
94,3440ways-and-meansSinatra routes and Sinatra settings through configuration data, hash or yaml file
94,3440svengaliSvengali offers means to manage and operate distributed machines easier than by other t...
94,3440supervisorManager for Asynchronous Jobs & Workers
94,3440social-buttonsGenerate Social Buttons for your Rails apps
94,3440scotttam-RocketAMFFast AMF serializer/deserializer with remoting request/response wrappers to simplify in...
94,3440rptmanThis is a command line tool and suite of rake tasks for uploading SSRS reports to a ser...
94,3440raymondEnhance your views with sortable tables
94,3440pgq_webWeb interface for pgq gem. Inspect pgq and londiste queues
94,3440newieThe fastest dependency injection framework
94,3440nddrylliog_pismoPismo extracts and retrieves content-related metadata from HTML pages - you can use the...
94,3440motorcontrolboardInterface library for MotorControlBoard board
94,3440locomotive_pluginsThis gem allows developers to create plugins for Locomotive CMS with particular functio...
94,3440impulse-cubeLo and behold