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142221-142240 of all 153,744 gems.
112,9521termularTermular Grapher is a simple graphing program that's capable of cartesian and polar graphs
112,9521social_butterflyShare and track content on social networks in Ruby.
112,9521fact_checkerSimple gem to check hierarchically dependent "facts" about objects
112,9521use_caseThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
112,9521untied-publisherProvides the Publisher part of the Untied gem.
112,9521simple_resqueProvides a simpler interface to enqueue Resque jobs between codebases without having to...
112,9521validates_decency_ofRails plugin that uses George Carlin's list of seven dirty words (aka swear words, aka ...
112,9521taka_tic_tac_toetic tac toe engine
112,9521sentiment_analysisClient for the SentimentAnalysis API
112,9521yfrogwork with yfrog urls to get image urls and such
112,9521yahoo-geoplanetA Ruby wrapper for the Yahoo! GeoPlanet API. See http://developer.ya...
112,9521spree_ajax_cartAdd link_to_ajax_cart helper for Spree
112,9521rubyteaA wrapper around the XXTEA block encryption algorithm
112,9521texmailerAn application that runs a light local webserver and allows the generation of HTML mail...
112,9521sencha-modelThis gem auto-generates ExtJS compatible model specifications from your ORM (eg: Active...
112,9521simple_localizerSimple localization your ActiveRecord fields without magic
112,9521tinyextAdds Object#blank?, #present?, #tap?, #try and Symbol#to_proc
112,9521RuGPostRu(by) G(mail) Post(erous) command line facility
112,9521rosarRuby/GNU-R interface that uses OSA under OS X, compatible with Ruby 1.9.x.
112,9521rl_hiya_bjorklund_patrikThis gem is part of the rubylearning.org assignment. It's not useful