Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142241-142260 of all 151,845 gems.
37,2850long_urlLongens urls like bit.ly, t.co, etc.
37,2850ktheory-juicerResolve dependencies, merge and minify CSS and JavaScript files with Juicer - the comma...
37,2850kckstrtSinatra app generator
37,2850isotope_contactsA Rails 3 engine for contact management.
37,2850iris_password_generatorRuby gem which generates a random string of characters of a specified length for passwo...
37,2850hsmrA collection of methods usually implemented in a HSM (Hardware Security Module)
37,2850get_statsDead simply statistics for Rails.
37,2850facebook-google-calendar-syncSyncs Facebook calendar to Google calendar
37,2850chintala-strongboxStrongbox provides Public Key Encryption for ActiveRecord. By using a public key se...
37,2850capistrano-shared-helpersCapistrano helper tasks related to shared directory.
37,2850bookshelfA framework that generates PDF and e-Pub from Markdown, and HTML files.
37,2850amfRuby gem that allows for the interaction of AMF formatted items, and Flash LSOs.
37,2850also_migrate_njMigrate multiple tables with similar schema at once.
37,2850wordsmithCreate, collaborate and publish ebooks easily.
37,2850sphinxcrawlSimple command to crawl a site and process html into a sphinx xmlstream
37,2850republica_virtualBusca de CEP Online
37,2850RedAdmiralPrepares hosts/networks/etc to become part of a stated Mercury environment
37,2850gsub_filterBuild gsub chain filter
37,2850property_baggedGetters and setters for bagged properties