Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142281-142300 of all 150,999 gems.
80,8260rstripA ruby executable that removes the trailing white space in the current project director...
80,8260projectdx-subdomain_routesSubdomainRoutes add subdomain conditions to the Rails routing system. Routes may be res...
80,8260peltA SASS/SCSS jQuery UI Port for Theme Management and Extensibility
80,8260lionelEngine gems are convenient for versioning and packaging static assets. Lionel lets you...
80,8260jettrUse Jetty from JRuby.
80,8260hola_oleimanA simple hello world gem
80,8260hash_to_csvHash to CSV is a Ruby Gem that flattens an array of hashes to CSV.
80,8260yowlYet another OWL documentor. YOWL is a command line utility that can read a number of RD...
80,8260staugaard-rpm_contribCommunity contributed instrumentation for various frameworks based on the New Rel...
80,8260sengaSenga draws lines. Simplest graphing library.
80,8260roles_for_mmFaciliatates adding a role strategy to your Mongo Mapper user model
80,8260ornitorrincoNothing can describe this yet.
80,8260lastfm-clilastfm-cli lets users choose radio stations, play songs, skip songs, "love" t...
80,8260kaleidoscopeColor search for Rails
80,8260jruby_gc_statsA set of GC-monitoring methods for JRuby similar to those in Ruby Enterprise Edition
80,8260jexmlJEXML is a JRuby gem that provides a thin Ruby wrapper around the XML APIs in the JDK.
80,8260twitter-bootstrapTwitter bootstrap framework as rails plugin, pulls in javascript and less. no fancy hel...
80,8260trainbbcodeeditorProvides a nice looking editor for TrainBBCode
80,8260thaumaturgyThaumaturgy will soon be Yet Another Continuous Integration Server.