Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142281-142300 of all 148,375 gems.
48,2210simple-tracerTraces method calls using set_tracer_func, and prints them in a nice way
48,2210scriptularTest your Regular Expressions locally
48,2210saveconfLets you specify configuration schemes and configurations in a manner, that they can be...
48,2210russpeeddevAdd shared layou teplates to speed up development new application
48,2210queryable_arrayQueryableArray is intended to store a group of objects which share the same attributes ...
48,2210playframework-capistranoPlayFramework / Capistrano integration Gem
48,2210phosphorusThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
48,2210octopress-popular-postsOctopress popular posts adds a popular posts asides section to your Octopress blog. It ...
48,2210monarkA simple migrator/seeder
48,2210gv-RedClothTextile parser for Ruby.
48,2210fluent-plugin-imkayacfluentd plugin output to im.kayac.com
48,2210ffi-statRuby FFI bindings for stat
48,2210dr-apartmentApartment allows Rails applications to deal with database multitenancy
48,2210cpfgeneratorGerado simples de CPF vĂ¡lido
48,2210capisshExtraction of Capistrano's parallel SSH command execution
48,2210browserstackRuby gem for interacting with the Browserstack API
48,2210attempt_toAttemptTo calls a code block and re-tries it if it throws an exception. Otherwise exits
48,2210ataulfoPattern Matching for Ruby (objects only)
48,2210twkbA command line utility based on task warrior to create kanban boards.
48,2210topicoTopico shows a greeting to RubyGems