Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142281-142300 of all 144,847 gems.
35,6170redis_provider_freedomConfigures Redis connection with environment variable.
35,6170pre-actiona simple aop just for adding pre action before selected methods in class
35,6170panic_board_dataExport data for Panic Status Board
35,6170omniauth-familysearchOmniAuth strategy for FamilySearch OAuth2 API
35,6170libacl-rubylibacl-ruby provides Ruby bindings for the libacl library that allows you to access th...
35,6170lauremnothing really
35,6170jruby_bridgejruby_bridge proxies chunks of ruby code through to JRuby DRB Server and fetches the re...
35,6170gorsuch-redisA simple Ruby client trying to match Redis' API one-to-one while still providing a Ruby...
35,6170gogyouThe gogyou is a library written at pure ruby that provides auxiliary features of binary...
35,6170fluent-plugin-rds-slowlogAmazon RDS slow_log input plugin for Fluent event collector
35,6170flash_s3_railsDirect multi-file uploader to s3
35,6170ducky-botAn IRC bot inspired by DuckDuckGo, powered by Ruby & Cinch
35,6170cinch-calculateCinch Plugin to alow users to pass mathematical problems to the bot for evaluation
35,6170biweek_finderUsed for an internal project but possibly useful elsewhere?
35,6170beeleadsA Ruby interface to the Beeleads API.
35,6170tavignanoA tool to help automate more complex Heroku deploys, stage pushes, and rollbacks
35,6170statsy-appClient gem for Statsy
35,6170ruby-wordpressA gem to interface with the WordPress database
35,6170robinA twitter client for the command line
35,6170ontologistSemantic Web/RDF toolkit for Middleman