Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142301-142320 of all 144,847 gems.
35,6170omnifocus-attaskOmniFocus AtTask Integration
35,6170omniauth-inbloomOmniauth strategy for the Shared Learning Collaborative
35,6170omniauth-avvoAvvo.com strategy for OmniAuth
35,6170mindreframer-riemann-dashHTTP dashboard for the distributed event system Riemann.
35,6170hola_agrupoA simple hello world gem
35,6170highcharts_on_railsCreate highcharts in rails with ease!
35,6170hash_assertionsHash assertions
35,6170elasticdnsElasticdns is a simple bind9 configurator
35,6170bradMy very own gem.
35,6170asirraImplements view helpers for the ASIRRA CAPTCHA system for Rails-based websites
35,6170timelogTime logger
35,6170slurmThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
35,6170ruby-bowerA ruby wrapper for Bower
35,6170rails_crumbsBreadcrumbs for Rails
35,6170oauth_simpleHelper for OAuth 1.0
35,6170logueA module that adds logging/trace functionality.
35,6170keyme-fingerprintLoad and verify fingerprints scanned using a U.are.U fingerprint scanner.
35,6170image_optim_rakeProvide a little helper command to minify images
35,6170ga-loveA tool for generating click event tracking & cohorts using google analytics.
35,6170fluent-plugin-https-jsonFluentd output plugin to buffer logs as json arrays to a url