Daily Downloads Ranking

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142301-142320 of all 148,587 gems.
113,9571growl-amqpReport AMQP messages via Growl. Grr, grr!
113,9571gitchangelogAllows you to view the local git changelog at the /changelog/ path
113,9571errlogLogger and error reporter agent for errlog service
113,9571clifclif (Command Line InterFace) acts as a bridge between your code and the command line
113,9571get_shortyShorten the url of a resource - at present supports active record models and caches the...
113,9571dev_panelA panel that appears in the browser to provide stats on page load times and other debug...
113,9571dadaA library for interfacing with the Dada Entertainment API.
113,9571devise_shibboleth_authenticatableDevise Shibboleth Authenticatable is a Shibboleth based authentication strategy for the...
113,9571coin_rackA Simple Rack application that provides a REST interface for Coin.
113,9571capistrano-getserversA capistrano plugin for simplifying deployment processes to rackspace or amazon ec2
113,9571cadoveDomain Object Verifier compares Java domain objects to their corresponding XMI represen...
113,9571eyepaste-mailImplements an email interceptor which, when registered with the Mail gem, munges all "T...
113,9571idregistryIDRegistry is a generic object generator and identity map for Ruby.
113,9571github_repoGithub API v2 wrapper for common github tasks. Builds on Octopi gem where possible but ...
113,9571currentcostdA system daemon for monitoring and publishing currentcost data
113,9571care-shimcaring.com internals for rails engines
113,9571drnic-picklerSynchronize between Cucumber and Pivotal Tracker
113,9571daedalusDaedalus will watch the output of any number of programs and trigger events when certai...
113,9571capfigEasily configure cap deployments
113,9571can_has_metathis gem is meta