Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142301-142320 of all 153,769 gems.
70,9881google-refineClient library for interacting with Google Refine instances. Easily work with CSVs from...
70,9881frbrA set of modules for creating simple FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Re...
70,9881flag_promotionsHow does spree extension works. Now i know
70,9881bookie_accountingA simple system to consolidate and analyze process accounting records
70,9881autocorrectA crazy gem that 'corrects' your misspelling of method names. Please don't actually use...
70,9881pass_nils_toPass nils to your methods and see if they explode.
70,9881ovh-rbOvhRb helps you to use the OVH SOAPI in a ruby way
70,9881omniauth-blueviaOmniAuth strategy for BlueVia
70,9881nofxx-naniteself assembling fabric of ruby daemons
70,9881ninshoEasy authentication with many providers
70,9881mongo-find_replaceA Ruby driver for MongoDB. For more information about Mongo, see http://www.mongodb.org.
70,9881mongaYet another MongoDB Ruby Client
70,9881meth-mathMethodes mathematique permettant de simplifier le calcul des cubes, carres, logs....
70,9881metafusion-cryptoProvides private key and digital signature encryption mechanisms for application develo...
70,9881inploy_godlikeManage deployed services through god service monitoring system
70,9881erieA framework for robotics.
70,9881gtkbuilderBuilder::Gtk let's you build Gtk windows using a simple DSL
70,9881has_dynamic_attributebuild dynamic attributes at instance level, saved in database with json format
70,9881dynamic_registrarNamespaced and versioned registration of callbacks for dynamic invocation by clients
70,9881merb_rubi18nA plugin for the Merb framework that provides i18n support to translate your site in se...