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142301-142320 of all 151,845 gems.
37,2850ffi-kdtreeThis is a simple FFI wrapped version of libkdtree for Ruby. It's a pure ruby wrapper...
37,2850devise_imprintableAn imprintable strategy for Devise
37,2850caissonCaisson will provide a set of tools to facilitate the integration of Zurb-Foundation to...
37,2850zenStacheMustache Rails 3.1 support with Tilt integration
37,2850spotifierySpotify Web API wrapper
37,2850scratch_pad-widgets-yielderWidget gem for ScratchPad
37,2850schedule_fuScheduleFu allows scheduling events with dates and times. It includes both the model an...
37,2850scheduleA Ruby replacement for Cron
37,2850ryderThe simpliest prototyping tool, EVER
37,2850retrieverRetriever allows caching of the result of a block. It currently supports ruby memory st...
37,2850refinerycms-stylesheetsRuby on Rails Stylesheets engine for Refinery CMS
37,2850radiant-eventbrite-extensionProvides a few Radius Tags to access data from the EventBrite API
37,2850pushPush is a realtime web application toolkit for building realtime Ruby web applications.
37,2850octocloneA GitHub backup solution that just works! (based on GitHub API v3)
37,2850mswordWork with MS Word doc files with ruby
37,2850mongoid_integer_keysThis gem for change Mongoid id field as Integer like MySQL. Idea from MongoDB docume...
37,2850markup_attrThis ActiveRecord plugin saves formatted content (Markdown, Textile, HTML) after normal...
37,2850mang_keeperHelps to maintain MaNGOS server.
37,2850googlon-scrollGenerates random programming quizzes like the ones created by Google for Google Develop...
37,2850foogemWrite a gem description