Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142361-142380 of all 151,947 gems.
94,3440prime_iteratorProvide API to get next and previous prime number. Uses the prime_finder gem.
94,3440furnish-ipGeneric IP allocator for the Furnish provisioning system
94,3440faraday-auth-hmacSigns Faraday requests with AuthHMAC
94,3440easy_flashA simplified way to use flash messages.
94,3440did_will_signSmall module for creating time-based hashes based on URLs
94,3440sundawg_geonames_clientRuby client interface to all and future RESTful geo-services provided by geonames.org.
94,3440spacesSet of common Ruby language extensions
94,3440sirius-client-coreThe client for Sirius system
94,3440sinatra-authentication-dmeizSimple authentication plugin for sinatra.
94,3440parallel_enumMakes multithreading over collections simple and easy
94,3440kipatraCipango powered Sipatra server
94,3440filtered_listProvides a simple helper to assist in making tables easily filterable using a simil...
94,3440dhill-sprinkleRuby DSL-based software provisioning tool
94,3440dgdosen-first-gemThis gem does not do much at all.
94,3440devino_smsSend sms with devinotele.com
94,3440patchbayPatchbay is the web framework for non-web apps. It's designed for simplicity, minimali...
94,3440thoughtafter-nntpthoughtafter-nntp gem
94,3440swissmedic_diff* Compares two Excel Documents provided by Swissmedic and displays the salient differen...
94,3440steamcannon-thinA thin and fast web server
94,3440scashin133-vpimThis is a pure-ruby library for decoding and encoding vCard and iCalendar data ("person...