Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142381-142400 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811fluent-plugin-openshift_metadata_inputInput plugin to collect Openshift metadata
140,0811druzy-utilsSome utils I use
140,0811countdown-railscountdown 是一款倒计时的插件
140,0811conjur-policy-parserParse the Conjur policy YAML format.
140,0811itachA Ruby cli interface for the iTach IP to IR device
140,0811flereA child of homu, grandchild of bors, Flere is an evolved integration bot
140,0811dynamo-modelCcom objetivo de agilizar e simplicar o trabalho com o dynamoDB, essa biblioteca vai aj...
140,0811clearance_omniauthOmniauth integration with Thoughtbot Clearance
140,0811icaprb-filterFilter framework for ICAPrb-server. Does not work standalone. This gem includes a frame...
140,0811fluent-plugin-warp10fluent plugin to send metrics to Warp10
140,0811facebox-rails5This gem provides Facebox for your Rails 3+ application.
140,0811clangcRuby bindings for clang C API
140,0811juhejuhe finance api.
140,0811fastlane-plugin-figletWrapper around figlet which makes large ascii text words
140,0811dstat_plotUses gnuplot to plot csv data generated by mvneves' dstat-monitor.
140,0811inky-railsRender Inky + ERb template views in Rails
140,0811gmlGml is a Generic Monitor Logging module/class that provides a...