Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142401-142420 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811glmathRuby Math Helper for OpenGL
140,0811gimme_wikidataGimmeWikidata is a Ruby gem that provides an interface to search, pull (and, in future,...
140,0811ilovespecI LOVE SPEC!, especially when all of them green, let's make all of them pass
140,0811jekyll_urlGiven Jekyll, Respond with URL
140,0811jackpotrisingJackpot Rising Ruby Gem for using in your ruby game
140,0811ft-finicityA ruby gem to make it easy to integrate Finicity API to your ruby app.
140,0811food2forkA Ruby gem for accessing the Food2Fork api
140,0811embulk-filter-rename_with_gsubRename With Gsub
140,0811csv2restTurn CSVs into JSON
140,0811kuKerbal Updater
140,0811jjdecoderRuby version of the jjdecode function for JJEncoded string.
140,0811handwritingioHandwriting.io API Client
140,0811githubscoregithubscore provides a dashboard overview of the current state of your github issues an...
140,0811financial_data_pullDisplays simple CLI to quickly pull important financial metrics for some of the most p...
140,0811coloranalyzerA tool to analyze the main color of a picture
140,0811hubstaff-rubyRuby API Wrapper for the Hubstaff API v1
140,0811harckA collection of hacks for ActiveRecord.
140,0811food_ideasYou mention up to 5 ingredients and it will give you back 5 recipes(more recipes soon).
140,0811fast_port_scannerA fast and simple port scanner which uses TCPSocket, Timeout, and threads.