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142401-142420 of all 154,215 gems.
36,2821form_validatorDjango form validators for Rails
36,2821exhibitionistA simple, framework-agnostic implementation of the decorator pattern, inspired by Avdi ...
36,2821capistrano-platform-recognizerCapistrano task to recognize platform of target hosts
36,2821autogcA small library for fixing an urgent memory corruption bug in Ruby 1.9.3.
36,2821apriori-railsRuby Apriori is a library to efficiently find item association rules within large sets ...
36,2821updateafraidA Dynamic DNS client for domains parked at afraid.org
36,2821unigrepPrint Unicode information matching description. (grep Unicode data) * Inspired by App:...
36,2821tintEasily define object decorators for JSON APIs using simple declarative syntax
36,2821son_of_a_batchSmelt from a plentiferous gallimaufry of requests an agglomerated bale of responses. Wi...
36,2821smoke_signalsSmokeSignals makes it easy to separate policy of error recovery from implementation of ...
36,2821sidebandRun simple workers in a separate thread
36,2821heroix_apiClient code to make requests to the Heroix API. See http://heroix.everydayhero.com.au/d...
36,2821shittyLet's write some shit
36,2821serghellolonger description of your gem
36,2821sensisMore on Sensis search api http://developers.sensis.com.au/
36,2821pyggAdd social payments to your business by adding a ‘Pay with Pygg’ button to your site!
36,2821license_headerLicense header block auditing/updating
36,2821no-click-exception-celerityCelerity is a JRuby wrapper around HtmlUnit – a headless Java browser with JavaScript s...