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144001-144020 of all 152,647 gems.
121,9571empA number of extensions that Evan Phoenix uses.
121,9571flexsdk-tasksRake tasks and supporting tools for the Flex 2 SDK
121,9571edhdSimple AB testing
121,9571flash-headerPure ruby library for parsing the headers of a Shockwave Flash file.
121,9571data_transportA gem for importing and exporting large quantities of data.
121,9571collectionA Ruby API for the Unveil.js collection interface
121,9571bundler-maglev-Bundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many mach...
121,9571benotifiedLibrary to monitor your programs and resources. It will notify you by email or just log...
121,9571ee_recipesRecipes to deploy and manage expression engine with capistrano
121,9571claudiob-lastfmA ruby interface for Last.fm web services version 2.0
121,9571oauth-rsolrRSolr aims to provide a simple and extensible library for working with Solr. This is a...
121,9571fsxtrader== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Order types supported: buy, short, sell and cover * Pulls real...
121,9571ffi_ezThis gem allows you to use ffi like attach_ez 'puts', [:string] => :int
121,9571ExpressionInterpreterA simple expression interpreter
121,9571devise_ticketableAdding device_ticketable to your devise implementaton will integrate it with mod_auth_t...
121,9571camelotPlaceholder while I move the `unchained` gem here.
121,9571base31Base31 encode/decode
121,9571awesome_print_colorsA collection of colour schemes for Michael Dvorkin's awesome_print. This codebase is u...
121,9571aesctr-rubyLa descripcion del resumen ya dice lo que hay :)
121,9571fityk-ruby== USAGE: require 'fityk' fityk = fityk::Engine.new fityk.get_info("version"...