Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144001-144020 of all 149,386 gems.
119,3821process_controlProcess Control is a wrapper to allow easy control for any external daemon type process...
119,3821bridge-rubyBridge client for Ruby.
119,3821bbrowning-virtualboxCreate and modify virtual machines in VirtualBox using pure ruby
119,3821attr_inheritedAttribute inheritance for ActiveRecord models
119,3821zebra_zplUse ruby to describe labels, fields, and barcodes for printing via ZPL II.
119,3821xapperGive it an xml and define a mapping for it as a ruby hash and there you have it. A ruby...
119,3821tipprA quick and dirty wrapper for the Tippr API
119,3821spreadsheetkitCreate XLSs using HTML+CSS. The objective is the same of PDKKit, but for spreadsheets.
119,3821SearchStringA simple query search for strings. Used to filter Tweets from a stream with Twitter-sea...
119,3821scrawlerScrawler is a project management framework optimized for programmer happiness and susta...
119,3821runtime_infoGetting information about the current Ruby environment can be a bit arcane. Lots of sol...
119,3821ruby19_stable_sortThe Ruby 1.8 Enumerable.sort_by method was stable, in that items with matching conditio...
119,3821rriRuby/R Interface - A wrapper of jri (Java/R Interface) for JRuby
119,3821nesta-plugin-metadata-extensionsSome simple extensions to expose and use more metadata in nesta.
119,3821mongoid-locomotiveMongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.
119,3821map_restfullyConvenience method to provide controller actions that correspond to the HTTP verbs.
119,3821html_table_railsThis will add rails templating to html_table
119,3821deadlock_retry_insaneProvides automatic deadlock retry and logging functionality for ActiveRecord and MySQL
119,3821word_parsingConvert DocX files to html and back using ruby
119,3821validates_xmlProvides validates_xml method allowing to validate xml correctness of ActiveRecord attr...