Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144001-144020 of all 147,133 gems.
45,5550rl_hiya_brooks_jasonsimply returns 'hiya'
45,5550rails_cherry_pickRuby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sust...
45,5550rabbit-theme-ruremaFor rurema
45,5550omniauth-allied_moddersA AlliedModders oauth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.0
45,5550leap-motion-wsRuby interface to the Leap Motion Controller (via WebSocket)
45,5550kiss_amazon_mwsSending updates to Amazon Marketplace Web Service
45,5550iron_chefIron Chef is a lightweight Chef Solo wrapper built as a capistrano plugin
45,5550hq-check-drillHQ icinga/nagios plugin to show a specific status based on the time
45,5550enju_trunk_illto do InterLibraryLoan
45,5550drapesDrapes is a super-simple theme engine for rails.
45,5550dm-actionstamps-jwrA few fixes to kematzy's DataMapper plugin that works similar to the dm-timestamps in t...
45,5550celerity_thingistaCelerity is a JRuby wrapper around HtmlUnit – a headless Java browser with JavaScript s...
45,5550biblesearch-apiWrapper for the American Bible Society Bible Search API
45,5550batch_actionsBatch action support for Rails.
45,5550banjo-mongoid-paginationA simple pagination module for Mongoid
45,5550asa-2000Rip off of SQLServer 2000 hack for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Adapter For ActiveRecord
45,5550tag_mioThis friendly mio gives you tags in your Rails app. Also my first gem.
45,5550simple_matrixSimple, updatable matrix object with named rows/columns.
45,5550sass-imagesA sass helper that knows how to deal with images
45,5550yourmomYeah, I said it. Your mom.