Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144001-144020 of all 145,691 gems.
50,1310geetestVerifyA simple verify gem of geetest
50,1310gadflyrun a ruby script as an upstart daemon
50,1310frumberFramgia's iframe and thumbnail getter
50,1310ember-big_projectConfigure Rails assets structure for a big Ember project
50,1310dorsalDorsal : Druby Objects's Ring Server as an simple Alternative to Linda
50,1310bosh_docker_cpiBOSH Docker CPI
50,1310weather_weaselWrapper for the Wunderground API
50,1310tvdb-apiClean Ruby API interface to The TVDB
50,1310timeseriesA time series gem used by StartupStats apps
50,1310stomp_droidMock Stomp server to be used when testing stomp consumers, based on Celluloid::IO
50,1310sprockets-jst-strSlurps template into a JavaScript string for use with Sprockets JST functionality
50,1310shadesShades computes data cubes for you from events composed of dimensions and measures.
50,1310riseHandle file uploads with mutiple storage backends.
50,1310raise_rouletteA simulation of adventuretimes in softwareland
50,1310kajamLightweight content management system for middle and small teams.
50,1310json_serializerJSON serialization for active record models
50,1310jekyll-cdnJekyll CDN support smooth as butter
50,1310jasmine-runnerRun Jasmine specs using the Rails 3 Asset Pipeline and headlessly with PhantomJS
50,1310hq-commandsHQ XML scripting language standard library
50,1310hq-agentHQ remote command execution tool