Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144001-144020 of all 144,266 gems.
30,2660age_calGet the age from date.
30,2660wormAn irb driver for Frankified apps
30,2660vines-couchdbStores Vines user data in Apache CouchDB.
30,2660vagrant-guest-omniosVagrant 1.7+ plugin to provide guest support for omnios (interim prior to core support)...
30,2660transformatrixTransformation matrices
30,2660thor_hammerThorHammer provides web api for your Thor CLI.
30,2660portunes_serverPortunes was greek god of keys, doors. This "portunes" manages SSH access for service a...
30,2660js-flasherA simple gem that exposes unprocessed JS templates
30,2660johnf-fnordmetricFnordMetric is a Ruby Event-Tracking gem on steroids
30,2660crossbrowsertesting-gemRuby helper for crossbrowsertesting.com API
30,2660ad_senseA Ruby wrapper of Google AdSense for generating Ads, link ads, or search ads slots.
30,2660vr-corelibLibrary to make GUIs with Ruby. This library is a dependency of visualruby. This libr...
30,2660vagrant-nodeThis Vagrant plugin allows you to configure a vm environment as a node in a client/serv...
30,2660truckTruck is an alternative autoloader that doesn't pollute the global namespace.
30,2660rrseRRSE shows signatures of pointed ruby methods in the minibuffer of emacs. You need to ...
30,2660random_inA generator of random numbers. Implemented as a built-in Integer class' method. Generat...
30,2660omniauth-ivleAn OmniAuth strategy for implementing IVLE login
30,2660nationbuilderNationBuilder API client
30,2660mysql_checkerDo some work on a MySQL DB to find possible errors
30,2660minimageThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.