Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144021-144040 of all 147,133 gems.
45,5550ubuntu_amisUbuntu Ami list
45,5550to_paramA one-liner solution for ActiveRecord::Base#to_param
45,5550tellmeaboutWikipedia article reader
45,5550spree_avataxSpree extension for Avalara tax calculation.
45,5550resque_cmdlineresque_cmdline: simple command-line client for resque workers
45,5550powertip-railsPowertip(A jQuery plugin that creates hover tooltips.) for rails.
45,5550insurance_policyActiveRecord extension for managing an insurance policy's attributes.
45,5550i18n-active_record-backendI18n ActiveRecord backend. Allows to store translations in a database using ActiveRecor...
45,5550gnome-backlightChange the backlight in Gnome3.
45,5550crud_methodsdesign pattern that allows order-independent class-level definition of action-dependent...
45,5550chef-handler-run-dataExports node data to disk at end of successful run
45,5550airgunA simple interface to compress HTML, JS, and CSS, includig embedded JS and CSS, using s...
45,5550worldProvides a small set of classes to Country realated data
45,5550vanakamA simple hello world gem
45,5550task-orchestrator.gemspecSimple task orchestration framework driven by Yaml config files
45,5550studio_game_johnThis is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, ...
45,5550sinatra-newyorkSinatra extension to add some of my commonly used methods
45,5550rlog_itemslogging record's changes in database
45,5550rlanyrdlanyrd.com scraper
45,5550pagamento_digitalPagamento digital alpha, usar por sua conta