Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144021-144040 of all 149,386 gems.
119,3821url_authenticatorHelper classes for signing and verifying signed URLs with expiration time.
119,3821tinymce_railsTinyMCE wrapper for Rails
119,3821thenthen is fork for method chain
119,3821salesforce-chatterRuby Client for Salesforce Chatter REST API
119,3821resque-futureResque plugin that allows querying future jobs for it's result, for example: job = R...
119,3821remove_white_borderThis is a command line tool for removing the white border around an image, often create...
119,3821regexp_union_hack_for_r186Regexp#union hack for Ruby-1.8.6..
119,3821refactoringRefactoring for Ruby on Rails
119,3821rbpA ruby package manager for managing local packages
119,3821rack-ifUse or don't use Rack apps based on a variety of environment factors.
119,3821puavo-clientSimple ruby wrapper for the Puavo API
119,3821myfirstgemMy Gem will do only few things, not really for clients, mostly for practising.
119,3821murmur-iceManage murmur servers through ice
119,3821local_unfuddle_notebookDownload unfuddle notebook and save locally
119,3821sentia-capistrano-gitflowCapistrano recipe for a deployment workflow based on git tags. This gem was originally ...
119,3821sedUse the `sed` command from Ruby code
119,3821scrumblerScrambles the interiors of words, leaving the first and last letters intact!
119,3821rswtA thin jruby wrapper for SWT (mainly just for loading the jars in a structured way)
119,3821rposplaceholder for yanked gem
119,3821record_sortA gem to sort a record...