Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144021-144040 of all 145,691 gems.
50,1310gintonic-railsGintonic is a Sass mixins collection, include normalize 2.1 modified, clearfix, font-fa...
50,1310genproviderGenerates Ruby provider templates for use with cmpi-bindings
50,1310fog-test-againThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
50,1310fluent-plugin-tagdataFluentd plugin to put the tag records in the data.
50,1310finiFini is an ini-parser optimized for performance.
50,1310wptemplatesCollect template informations from MediaWiki markup
50,1310warn_ifProvides warnings to ActiveRecord validiations.
50,1310warehouseUtilities for managing data and workflows in handy ways.
50,1310trilogyTrilogy web framework
50,1310throwupThrow up some wireframes real quick
50,1310sysctlA wrapper around sysctl to make its use cool in OpenBSD too
50,1310rails_factoryMinimalistic factory to replace fixtures.
50,1310rack-rewrite-matchesA rack middleware for enforcing rewrite rules. In many cases you can get away with rack...
50,1310pdf-structPDF::Extractor is a library that provides high level access to the text objects of a PD...
50,1310huge_enumerableEnumerate, sample, shuffle, combine, permutate, and create products of massive data set...
50,1310hn-apiRuby interface to api.ihackernews.com
50,1310harryAn attempt at a Vagrant plugin
50,1310flipflopsA simple server deployment tool
50,1310exfilRender and process HTML files in Ruby using javascript and PhantomJS
50,1310erector-conditional_classesErector extension for conditional classes