Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144721-144740 of all 150,045 gems.
33,6850enju_leafintegrated library system
33,6850compositorDefine simple "compositor" classes that represent your domain objects in terms of Hashe...
33,6850coapingcoaping: check whether your CoAP server is still there.
33,6850certificate-depotCertificate depot is a mini Certification Authority for TLS client certificates.
33,6850capistrano-zenCapistrano Recipes used at zenhacks.org.
33,6850backbraceSets up Backbone.js and Crossroads.js and a basic folder structure
33,6850ahocorasickThis ruby implementation of the Aho-Corasick algorithm focuses on memory efficiency, ty...
33,6850syndicateEasily watch videos hosted on your computer on any OTT device that can consume a MRSS f...
33,6850static_image_downloadGet all pictures from URL gem
33,6850spreefinery_coreSpree + Refinerycms integration
33,6850smartlinksGem for linkfying your text
33,6850ruby-dicewareSimple Ruby script to generate "Diceware" passphrases.
33,6850rtraceSubset of traceroute functionality with added geocoded location based on IP. Uses the...
33,6850rails-essThis gem extends Rails with the support for ESS feed generation using Builder like syntax.
33,6850podman-geoip-cGeneric GeoIP lookup tool. Based on the geoip_city RubyGem by Ryan Dahl
33,6850olabini-log4jthe log4j jar file in a gem
33,6850office-loginCLI tool to log-in to the office's network via headless browser