Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144721-144740 of all 147,860 gems.
26,8220obrientimothya-jasper-railsA FORK of the fortesinformatica/jasper-rails project for a particular project. NOT inte...
26,8220my_string_extend_nivramThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
26,8220my_string_extend_ankitThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
26,8220microstaticThe microstatic gem turns generating your static site and deploying it to S3 into a one...
26,8220lorem_ipsum_testlorem ipsum generator
26,8220just_backboneJust backbone.js. No generators or template engine dependencies.
26,8220iwatcherExecute command on inotify event.
26,8220github-commit-mailergem for pulling changes from a github repository and send mail with differences
26,8220enumerize-matchersRspec matchers for enumerize
26,8220devise-warblerDevise that should work with jRuby Warbler compiled.
26,8220assembly_walesA Gem that consumes data from the Welsh Assembly
26,8220supporting_castOpinionated generators for common Rails supporting cast services, or 'supporting_casts'
26,8220sprocket-mq-combinerSprockets bundle processor to combine all like media queries, without Sprockets Depende...
26,8220spovedCollection of DevOps tools.
26,8220seahorseEasy web service descriptions
26,8220ruby_on_rubyAn unholy amalgam of therubyracer's V8 engine and emcripted-ruby to allow truly sandbox...
26,8220rl_hiya_garoche_micheleThe library creates the Hiya class and adds a self method hiya wich returns 'Hiya all!'.
26,8220riemann-feedsRiemann-Feeds: a framework for Riemann event collectors
26,8220reveal_railsReveal Modals Gem Package
26,8220rack-api-versioningVersion your Rack based API's using headers either through middleware or routing constr...