Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144721-144740 of all 144,875 gems.
36,4980dirtMake best practices easy. Come play in the Dirt.
36,4980derenoDeployments release notes sent via email with Git commits / Pivotal Tracker stories and...
36,4980argsArgument parsing for ruby
36,4980admin-helperThe server administrator helper. It has process manager, it also can kill processes fro...
36,4980sudo_modeSudo mode for your devilish deeds.
36,4980scapeshiftMagic: The Gathering Oracle web scraper.
36,4980same_sameImplementation of ROCK and DBSCAN clustering algorithms
36,4980roomorama_apiRuby wrapper to call Roomorama API V1.0 at https://roomorama.com/api. For a step by ste...
36,4980railsgategem to interface with railsgate
36,4980polytexnicCore translation engine for the polytexnic gem
36,4980giftwrapRubygem for creating thin wrappers around RESTful JSON APIs
36,4980capi_bookRecipe book for capistrano
36,4980antant does some heavy lifting
36,4980adams-net-ldapNet::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for the Lightweight ...
36,4980vagrant-fastforwardUse virtual machine snapshots to bring a VM into its converged state.
36,4980texticlesOne stop shop for sending sms via email.
36,4980monitaMonitor background jobs in rails
36,4980database_cleaner-octopus_shardingDatabase Cleaner extension for Database Sharding