Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144741-144760 of all 147,867 gems.
116,7910fanforce-errorsInternal errors library used by the Fanforce codebase.
116,7910encrypted-attributesAES encrypted attributes with Rails. Behaves similarly to Rails's #serialize and works ...
116,7910codebitsWrapper to the SAPO Codebits API
116,7910capistrano-strategy-copy-partialCapistrano deploy strategy to transfer subdirectory of repository
116,7910backbonifyA generator for Backbone in Rails >= 3.1. The Language is javascript (no coffee) and th...
116,7910asset-image-optLossless optimization for rails assets images
116,7910apispree_sampleRequired dependancy for API-Spree
116,7910ao_crudifyA dynamic resource controller for Rails > 2.3 and ActiveObject ORM that keeps your cont...
116,7910enumerable_constantsProvides the ability to enumerate over constants.
116,7910dmoz_sax_docUse a SAX parser to visit either the structure.u8 or content.u8 DMOZ files.
116,7910checkboxesThis gem will help you to handle has_many :through associations when you need to add/re...
116,7910cancan_editcancan ability for views
116,7910cachebagLocal HTTP cache in your REST consumers
116,7910dm-sprockets-railssprockets-rails containing changes to allow sections and rails3 compatability
116,7910crockCrock is a tiny implementation of JSON serialization in pure Ruby.
116,7910atndrA Ruby wapper for ATND API. It is very easy to use.
116,7910elecnix-omnisocialTwitter and Facebook logins for your Rails application.
116,7910cuke_writerA custom Cucumber formatter which collects steps and generates serialized sets of Cucum...
116,7910clinical_trialsAllows access to the clinicaltrails.gov search