Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
144741-144760 of all 150,045 gems.
33,6850middleman-aws-deployAdds S3 deploy and Cloudfront invalidation support to the Middleman build toolchain
33,6850mancoraAutomate queries over regular intervals for statistics
33,6850jiojio - transactional, journaled file I/O for Ruby
33,6850insound_apiTA ruby gem for accessing the insound.com Web Service API for affiliates
33,6850initforthe-routesAllows evaluation of Rails routes outside of controllers.
33,6850ifad-munin-plugins-railsPlugins for Munin that use passenger and Request Log Analyzer
33,6850hola_nedzadarekA simple hello world - gem
33,6850hensonBundler for Puppet modules.
33,6850git-branch_statsAnalyzes commits and diffs that are only present on the given branch
33,6850dinero_mailIntegrate Dinero Mail as PaymentOption to Rails
33,6850cinch-cooldownThis gem allows you to set a shared timer across plugins that are configured to respect...
33,6850chino-vagrant-hostmastervagrant-hostmaster is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS...
33,6850basilikFirebase is a real time backend to allow clients to sharedata on the web. This gem prov...
33,6850wf-rails3-jquery-autocompleteUse jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 3.
33,6850simple_form_awesomeForms made easy!
33,6850search_pathAllows to define search paths to find files in.
33,6850rubber_ringRubber Ring helps developers to quickly build new sites and customers to easily edit them.
33,6850rocket_launcherA Ruby library to control your USB Rocket Launcher device.
33,6850quintus-example-gemThis is an example gem demonstrating how to create RubyGems.