Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
145421-145440 of all 148,608 gems.
124,5201picPIC is a pattern matching library, like regular expressions, based on Cobol edited pict...
124,5201diabloThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
124,5201commentatrRuby wrapper for Commentatr API
124,5201brainfuckrbBrainfuck implementation in Ruby
124,5201bixby_commonBixby Common files/libs
124,5201jira4r-uakattA fork of jira4r-jh-ruby1.9 that requires our soap4r
124,5201cljdotrbclj.rb parses Clojure data into its Ruby equivalents.
124,5201rgzsomething like jar for cruby
124,5201capistrano-monitMonit deployment helper
124,5201bisectlyBinary search tool using a user-supplied test driver to locate failure-causing file wit...
124,5201rbglitchA thin ruby wrapper around the Glitch game API. This code is more likely to be updat...
124,5201porth-plistPlain Old Ruby Template PLIST handler
124,5201dmampTemplating for puppet module patterns
124,5201diablo3Diablo3 Ruby Gem
124,5201dddDevelopment-Driven Documentation
124,5201parseleyParsing library
124,5201OpenS3Build your own storage server
124,5201DomainrDomai.nr (http://domai.nr) is a web page which allows you to search nice domains. This ...
124,5201continuablecontinuable lets you define exceptions that can be resumed
124,5201combination_hashHash that has same value on combination of arrayed params for a key