Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
145421-145440 of all 150,982 gems.
128,9513googleplusGoogle+ API Wrapper
128,9513webmakeWake is a very simplistic synchronisation tool for web applications. You can set up thr...
128,9513tmpdir_blockdescription: tmpdir_block kicks the ass
128,9513signumSign and compare signatures of parameters passed to a web application.
128,9513libsnappySnappy, a fast compressor/decompressor (courtesy of Google)
128,9513docketeerThis gem will create a new folder structure for new projects and place them in a folder...
128,9513whmcs-rubywhmcs-ruby: Ruby bindings for the WHMCS API
128,9513turner_logsSupport for color escape codes in the Rails logger
128,9513table_form_builderTable-based form builder for Rails 3
128,9513filtrateHelpers for building interfaces to filter records easily
128,9513traitedAdd traits to your classes and access them from children/ancestors
128,9513mongoid-rspec-mongoid-rcRSpec matches for Mongoid models, including association and validation matchers
128,9513horobimesh network builder with ZeroMQ
128,9513zombieI SEE ZOMBIES
128,9513bravo-bootstrap-railsA pure gem just adds bootstrap to your Rails project.
128,9513throat-punchPunch your codes in the throat...
128,9513hgithgit provides a simple abstraction for the common use cases.Wrap common commands in git...
128,9513gridomaticEasy floatable grid structures for Rails. Don't have too much data to display but stil...
128,9513decent_exposure-draperCombines both worlds of decent_exposure and draper into one.
128,9513zabbixapi-fotonsiRuby module for work with zabbix api. Forked from http://github.com/verm666/RubyZabbixA...