Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
145421-145440 of all 147,133 gems.
45,5550hola_ttillotFirst Gem
45,5550grayscale_paperclip_processorGrayscale processor for Paperclip gem
45,5550google_apisProvides client libraries for Google APIs.
45,5550gamifying_formatterThe Gamifying Formatter
45,5550ember-oauth2-railsUse Ember OAuth 2 in your Rails app
45,5550dmexe_rabbitmq_http_api_clientRabbitMQ HTTP API client for Ruby
45,5550divvy_proteomicsdivvy up spectra from DTASelect files in a somewhat parsimonious way
45,5550colirThis library is about HEX colours.
45,5550coffee-namespaceSimple namespaces for coffeescript.
45,5550busser-shpecA Busser runner plugin for Shpec
45,5550usfxRuby stream parser for Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX)
45,5550twitter-text-js-railsInjects twitter-text-js into your asset pipeline.
45,5550the_mergerMail merge a table of fields into a standard letter
45,5550soloist-rvmMakes running chef-solo possible.
45,5550scrolls-mikehaleLogging, easier, more consistent.
45,5550rootedwesta gem
45,5550nlfwNatural Language Framework is intended to be a collection of bindings for Ruby and prov...
45,5550kruptosCrypto ruby gem
45,5550fakturowniaThis gem gives integration with polish on-line invoicing service: http://fakturownia.pl
45,5550device-identifierModels for device identifiers, e.g. MAC addresses for hardware clients and arbitrary id...