Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
145421-145440 of all 145,532 gems.
30,5720peeperProvide Kernel#peep, calls pp(self)
30,5720omniauth-discogsOmniAuth strategy for Discogs
30,5720loverloadDSL for building method overloading in Ruby more magical
30,5720circumspectusA Rails engine that allows users to create surveys and other users to take those surveys
30,5720zapixCommunication with the Zabbix API made easy
30,5720studio-game-second-tryThis is my second time creating the Prag Studios Studio Game Gem. It was much better th...
30,5720ruby-restyA ruby port of the Resty CLI
30,5720rhet-butlerRhet Butler is a presentation assistant. Build a slide deck in simple YAML, design it...
30,5720pmacs-activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapterOracle "enhanced" ActiveRecord adapter contains useful additional methods for working w...
30,5720omniauth-mentionOmniAuth strategy for Mention (OAuth 2.0)
30,5720monographA command line tool for generating beautiful HTML eBooks from Markdown documents
30,5720gem_plantGem template generator
30,5720wordpress-toolsA gem to create and manage wordpress websites
30,5720pure-place-railsThis is Yahoo's Pure CSS framework, but with sass placeholders instead of basic css. It...
30,5720neo4j_clientConnects to a Neo4J database using the REST interface but executes ...
30,5720laraibRuby client library for pump.io
30,5720halvsiesa half-page/half-div mixin.
30,5720fuzzy_associative_memoryA Fuzzy Associative Memory (FAM for short) is a Fuzzy Logic tool for decision making. F...
30,5720faye-onlineFaye Online user list and time count
30,5720demoableA rails engine that locks down application based on the environment for demo purposes