Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
145441-145460 of all 150,982 gems.
128,9513universe-webframeworksgem install universe-webframeworks
128,9513too_rendermonkeyThis plugin allows the generation of pdf files from controllers using the pdf mime type...
128,9513i18n_lookup_tracerTraces the i18n translation keys lookup
128,9513cli-yui-compressorCompresses Javascript & CSS files on the command line interface with yui-compressor....
128,9513syslog_helpersHopefully making life easier when working with syslog message content
128,9513google_currency_calculatora wrapper for google currency calculator api
128,9513linkify_errorsdoes things and stuff.
128,9513imap_ticklerimap_tickler is a utility that ticklers your 43 folders style mailfolders. It expects t...
128,9513gipGip into place: Piston without the SVN cruft
128,9513em-postgresql-sequelglue together eventmachine, postgresql and sequel
128,9513typesetterA rails engine used for authoring articles.
128,9513fibThis gem returns the largest integer value from the Fibonacci Sequence smaller than the...
128,9513confed_scraperSite scrapers to ease data import into Confed
128,9513colorzColors in the CLI like rainbow in the sky.
128,9513daodalusTake the sting out of building complex MongoDB queries, updates and aggregations.
128,9513constantineLooks further than the obvious when trying to create a constant from a string
128,9513toddlerA pure Ruby implementation of a two year old
128,9513syslogger-alexSame as SyslogLogger, but without the ridiculous number of dependencies and with the po...
128,9513raptorNothing to see yet.
128,9513jabberwockyA complete development stack for social computation.