Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
145441-145460 of all 148,608 gems.
124,5201chaves-railschaves.js, bundled for Rails 3.0 and up.
124,5201geo_settingsRestrict orders to local area for spree.
124,5201reversible_data_migrationBackup data is saved to yaml files. The reverse process load the yaml and restores the ...
124,5201rafaWrite a gem description
124,5201quick_magick_hooopoQuickMagick allows you to access ImageMagick command line functions using Ruby interface.
124,5201popSeeding helpers
124,5201elucid-merb_activerecordMerb plugin that provides ActiveRecord support
124,5201cedexislonger description of your gem
124,5201bantic-pastieCreate a new pastie: $ pastie -- reads from clipboard and replaces clipboard with url
124,5201backup_managementIt is for writing scripts for UNIX-like systems to handle your backups in a quick way.
124,5201redis-expiring_counterThe redis-expiring_counter gem builds a counter on top of redis providing fast and accu...
124,5201polemicCommentable extension for Rails 3 app
124,5201osx_dictDictionary maker for MacOSX Dictionary.app
124,5201dsassProvides the dsass command to run sass --watch on all themes in a Drupal installation w...
124,5201blue_treeBuild composite ERB templates
124,5201questionnaireto be added
124,5201pipe_toAdds methods to String for piping a string to the standard input of a Unix program and ...
124,5201pintoscheck== PintosCheck -- Auto Pintos Checker to Save the Day == == Functionalities == The fun...
124,5201ordinalizatronAdds each_with_ordinal_number iterator to collections.