Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
145441-145460 of all 147,133 gems.
45,5550bowerinstallerBower installer for rails
45,5550viera_playUses DLNA to play video files on Panasonic Viera TVs from the ...
45,5550vagrant-zfs-boxZFS plugin that uses snapshots and clones to speed up box creation for Vagrant 1.0
45,5550sshpSSHP - Let's Pablo memorize your ssh credentials
45,5550snowflake-idTwitter's Snowflake ID to Time conversion module
45,5550slackAn extension to Speck, providing convenience methods and monkey-patches.
45,5550simple_unitsSure, ruby is dynamic and that is one of its greatest strength. Object polymorphisms, d...
45,5550ruh_rohWhile rails' default error pages are great, they look totally unprofessional for any re...
45,5550rspec-absolutely_prepended_after_eachabsolutely prepended after(:each) in rspec
45,5550rack-magic-incoming-urlA simple piece of rack middleware to redirect certain URLs when they are navigated to d...
45,5550paratrooper-airbrakeSend deploy notifications to Airbrake.io service when deploying with Paratrooper
45,5550omnikassaGem for Omnikassa
45,5550kinneyAn oral history video clips site packaged as a Rails Engine gem.
45,5550jae-clientThis is a Ruby wrapper for the CloudFoundry API, the industry’s first open Platform as ...
45,5550gsetGemset management
45,5550gettimeA very simple gem
45,5550epp-nokogiriBasic functionality for connecting and making requests on EPP (Extensible Provisioning ...
45,5550ec2-userdata-builderToolset for creating user-data for EC2 instances."
45,5550dassets-sassDassets engine for compiling Sass
45,5550worlddb-serviceworlddb plugin for web service/HTTP API (JSON/CSV/HTML)