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146221-146240 of all 153,192 gems.
60,2600randomfromrangeProvides older Ruby versions with Ruby 1.9.3's change to rand(): the ability to pass a ...
60,2600presskit-apn_on_railsAPN on Rails is a Ruby on Rails gem that allows you to easily add Apple Push Notificati...
60,2600pokerPoker hand evaluator
60,2600plinePLine is a profiler for Ruby1.9.3 and Ruby1.9.2. PLine profiles each line of Ruby metho...
60,2600pg_decoratoradds caller method as SQL comment
60,2600nsProvides a Ruby wrapper for the Dutch NS API
60,2600my_string_extend_tipzThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
60,2600my_string_extend_rosawaThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
60,2600matchaUnit test your Rails JavaScript with the mocha test framework and chai assertion library
60,2600lhbackupOn-demand backup of Lighthouse.
60,2600inabaInaba SDBM Manipulator ======================= ## Introduction Inaba SDBM Manipulator...
60,2600ica tool for running capistrano commands interactively
60,2600git-patch-patchA script to rewrite git patches/commits, while keeping commits history
60,2600ffi-fluidsynthFFI bindings for the FluidSynth library.
60,2600can_iProvides an easy way to define roles for performing actions in your RubyMotion app.
60,2600active_templateAllows you to render templates from any source besides the filesystem
60,2600test_balancerinspects, lists and balances you test suit across multiple executions
60,2600spreadsheet_db_refistore spreadsheet data in a sqilte db
60,2600sarcasmNo, it isn't.