Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
146221-146240 of all 150,067 gems.
49,4900flowchefSend chef run information to a Flowdock channel
49,4900errship3-bootstrapErrship3 is a Rails 3.2 engine for rendering error pages inside your layout. It support...
49,4900edmunds_carsEasily query information about cars through the edmunds api.
49,4900dreadlocksPlace holder
49,4900cassandra-mapperWork with cassandra in datamapper style.
49,4900webhookrWebhookr - easily and securely add webhooks to your Rails app.
49,4900trofimaFull description here
49,4900traitorTraits for Ruby: like mixins, but better
49,4900testml-liteTestML is an Acmeist testing framework. TestML::Lite is smaller bootstrap version of Te...
49,4900sockjsSockJS is a WebSocket emulation library. It means that you use the WebSocket API, only ...
49,4900semantics3Get access to a constantly updated database of product and price data. See https://sema...
49,4900patternera pattern generator for compass
49,4900omniauth-renren-oauth2OmniAuth Oauth2 strategy for renren.com
49,4900exceptions_appexceptions_app is gem, that provides a simple way of handling exceptions in Rails appli...
49,4900eldooradoRuby wrapper gem for Eldoorado API
49,4900easeltest easel
49,4900deblankdeblank is a command line tool that renames files and replaces or removes special chara...
49,4900chaplin-on-railsGem for using Chaplin.js with Rails asset pipeline, based on chaplin-rails boilerplate ...
49,4900usamapCreate a colorized svg map of the USA by county using FIPS coordinates