Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
146221-146240 of all 147,860 gems.
26,8220route-deprecationsAdds ability to deprecate routes from config routes
26,8220realhqApplication to RealHQ
26,8220markdown2codeConverts Markdown into commented executable code
26,8220knife-cookbook-syncSync only what's changed -- faster than cookbook upload
26,8220klyhrd_studio_gameGame made while doing the Pragmatic Studio Ruby Course. w00T and blam!
26,8220jekyll-navigationNavigations for Jekyll-based sites. Twitter Bootstrap compatible.
26,8220i18n_backend_database3This is a port of dylanz's rails plugin by the same name, over to a Rails 3 compatible ...
26,8220hola_ttillotFirst Gem
26,8220grayscale_paperclip_processorGrayscale processor for Paperclip gem
26,8220google_apisProvides client libraries for Google APIs.
26,8220gcx_apiRuby library for the GCX API
26,8220ember-oauth2-railsUse Ember OAuth 2 in your Rails app
26,8220dmexe_rabbitmq_http_api_clientRabbitMQ HTTP API client for Ruby
26,8220divvy_proteomicsdivvy up spectra from DTASelect files in a somewhat parsimonious way
26,8220colirThis library is about HEX colours.
26,8220coffee-namespaceSimple namespaces for coffeescript.
26,8220busser-shpecA Busser runner plugin for Shpec
26,8220usfxRuby stream parser for Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX)
26,8220twitter-text-js-railsInjects twitter-text-js into your asset pipeline.
26,8220the_mergerMail merge a table of fields into a standard letter