Daily Downloads Ranking

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146241-146260 of all 147,867 gems.
116,7910d3skillsFinds all skills unlocked at a level for diablo
116,7910babaluA Ruby Artificial Intelligence library.
116,7910axisThis adaptor exposes the Axis DB. Yeah it does!
116,7910dynamic_imagesRuby library providing image rendering described by dynamic templates
116,7910code_timerA tool for roughly and quickly measuring your slow code
116,7910charset_moveCharsetMove is a simple, Ruby based, copyfree licensed command line utility for cha...
116,7910capistrano-chocopocheCapistrano recipes and bin for mysql, rsync, php composer.
116,7910faster_xml_simple_readerA faster xml_simple reader in Java using StaX (Streaming API for XML)
116,7910fantasy_football_nerdFantasy Football Nerd API wrapper
116,7910comma_separated_storageCreate utility methods to access an attribute as a list but store it as a comma-separat...
116,7910bulstemAn implementation of Preslav Nakov's BulStem - inflectional stemming algorithm for Bulg...
116,7910apotomo-datatableA jQuery Datatable widget built on Apotomo. Render a jQuery datatable for a model/contr...
116,7910datamapaA minimalistic Data Mapper for removing model dependency on Active Record
116,7910ctags_bundler_railsAdd rake task for generating ctags from bundler
116,7910capistrano-slient_curlsimple helper run commands with silenced curl output.
116,7910capistrano-pgDeprecated! Capistrano tasks for basic configuration and management of PostgreSQL datab...
116,7910bopBlocks on Pages. Very simple, very lovely html5 CMS designed from the ground up as a ra...
116,7910ciborgRails generators that make it easy to spin up a CI instance in the cloud. Formerly know...
116,7910bundler-organization_auditAudit all Gemfiles of a user/organization on github for unpatched versions
116,7910af-deviseFlexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden