Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
146881-146900 of all 148,587 gems.
113,9571cloudmasterToolkit to wrap and modify the AWS Api.
113,9571gistacreate gists from the command line
113,9571datamapper-moneyAdds a 'money' instance method to DataMapper-based models, for creating properties powe...
113,9571cache_money_millionaireRails ActiveRecord Query Caching like a Millionaire
113,9571button_like_a_linkThis lets you turn a RESTful form into a text link. Like when you want a delete or subm...
113,9571scantronRule-based string scanning and scrubbing
113,9571hola_birkoffhA simple hello world gem
113,9571glassGlass Gem for Google Glass
113,9571framesUses ffprobe to retrieve metadata about each frame of a video.
113,9571foautherMaking your Rails app oauth 2 v30 provider
113,9571fast_structA very fast implementation of OpenStruct that also supports deep wrapping.
113,9571drafteableDrafteable is a super simple and opinionated ActiveRecord model draft behavior encapsul...
113,9571db_notes_engDatabase Notes Engine
113,9571hqubyHQ9+ interpreter
113,9571hamlizerConvert your views from HTML/ERB to HAML
113,9571guard-stylusA Guard plugin to watch and compile Stylus files
113,9571git_hook-rspecgit pre-commit hook. run all rspec.
113,9571git_awesome_diffObject Oriented Diffing for Git
113,9571folder_data_samplerSamples data in a folder structure given a hash with criteria for filtering
113,9571download_filesDownload all files at a particular URL that match a certain pattern.