Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
147181-147200 of all 151,845 gems.
37,2850rocket_smsRocketSMS is a EventMachine-based SMPP Gateway
37,2850rd3enable domain driven design approach via POROs and Repositories vs Rails' ActiveRecord
37,2850heimdallr-kaminariHeimdallr extension to properly wrap Kaminari methods
37,2850game-tictactoe-alu3299Juego del Tres en Rayas con dos jugadores o varios tipos virtuales.
37,2850colbySmall wrapper and functions for persistent, immutable data structures.
37,2850angular-on-railsThe edge version of angular js for Ruby On Rails
37,2850search_qdSearchQd provides a search method for string/text columns of an ActiveRecord model. The...
37,2850resourcedWIP - not for production
37,2850rack-synctimeRack::Synctime is a simple Rack middleware that returns sync time (time when request st...
37,2850resque_coalmineSends exceptions to coalmineapp.com
37,2850rails-autoellipsisjquery.autoellipsis for Rails 3
37,2850png-encodeEncode/decode arbitrary data within the PNG file format
37,2850mongoblazerMongoBlazer to flatten relational data from ActiveRecord Models into Mongodb Documents
37,2850log_replayerReads access logs and replays them
37,2850droid_servicesDroid Services
37,2850chomskyChomsky generates parsing expression grammars with a nice pure-Ruby DSL, eliminating th...
37,2850cap-packThings I do for Capistrano deploys.
37,2850when_committedRun a piece of code after the current transaction is committed
37,2850taglishLets you add tags of various types to your models, including scored tags.
37,2850steam_locationThis gem allows you to parse Steam Community's player location and get a proper name fo...