Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
147181-147200 of all 149,386 gems.
119,3821render_staticrender_static allows you to make your single-page apps (Backbone, Angular, etc) built o...
119,3821neospeechRuby wrapper for NeoSpeech Text to Speech API
119,3821gemcalNEVER try to download it
119,3821fancy_date_timeView helper to make your Dates and Times fancy
119,3821config-roleConfigure your objects
119,3821cmbuildCreates buildable objects based on recipes
119,3821cloudapp-serviceCloudApp API Client
119,3821childprocess-serverManage and interact with CLI processes, remotely via dRuby.
119,3821veracode-apiRuby API Wrapper to access Veracode Security Analysis Service API
119,3821sluukkonen-jammitJammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...
119,3821RintServerA RepRap Print server.
119,3821reducersThis library is intended to provide a reducer library on collections for ruby like the ...
119,3821rack-override-user-agentOverride useragent by cookie, switch agent by query.
119,3821parade-liverubyAdds the ability to evaluate ruby code live within a Parade presentation
119,3821panictry it out - I dare you
119,3821multi-statsdStatsd Server with flexible aggregation and back-end support
119,3821memcached_snappy_storeMemcached store that will compress all entries using snappy
119,3821configuratrillaAllows to set configuration files with ruby in free and easy style.
119,3821code_holderEnumerated attributes with I18n