Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
147181-147200 of all 147,867 gems.
116,7910acceptance_tests_supportDescription: simplifies congiguration and run of acceptance tests.
116,7910docker_makerLibrary for building docker images
116,7910defensorUnofficial Ruby library for Defensio 2.0
116,7910bf4-yui-railsEasy integration of YUI with the Rails asset pipeline.
116,7910beautiful_public_keyFind a beautiful public key
116,7910angular-restfulAngularJS factory for restful, with methods default [get, query, create, update, destro...
116,7910alberichAlberich is a model-integrated permissions engine that allows access control, and list ...
116,7910exoskeletonExoskeleton will build a basic Backbone.js structure for your rails application
116,7910em-http-fetcherHTTP fetch client based on ruby EventMachne and EM-HTTP-Request that has configureable ...
116,7910du-passifierGenerate Apple Passbook passes in Ruby
116,7910dakwak-apidakwak is a website localization service that offers both machine and professional tran...
116,7910ci_config_generatorGenerate config files for continious integration.
116,7910example_gemAn example of a Ruboto-specific RubyGem
116,7910cmsableLets users update the content on their pages directly on the page without the need of a...
116,7910cant_waitProvides statement timeouts for PostgreSQL and PostGIS databases in a Ruby on Rails web...
116,7910borealisFinds most prominent colors in a given image.
116,7910filencRuby OpenSSL File Encrypt/Decrypt wrapper
116,7910datagramGist for MySQL