Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
147561-147580 of all 150,982 gems.
128,9513rubactiveA basic and perhaps misinformed library for learning about reactive programming
128,9513twiki2markdownThis gem handles the migration and commit of a TWiki project to a github wiki, uses jav...
128,9513rl_hiya_sinha_nehaThis is a test gem to try publishing gems. Inorder to use this gem, ...
128,9513rl_hiya_shakya_pradeepThe library opens up my description
128,9513velociraptorManaged proxy server
128,9513surat-aws-s3Forked from https://github.com/marcel/aws-s3. Added New features.
128,9513snortA simple sorting gem
128,9513rl_hiya_lyons_davidThis library puts 'Hiya' when called
128,9513rl_hiya_kbgJust to check publishing Ruby Gems.
128,9513railinesCompose popular rails terminal commands in wizard-like mode.
128,9513rudbmsA Ruby implementation of Edward Sciore's SimpleDB relational database management system
128,9513rl_hiya_ataides_netoThe library just say hi to everyone around.
128,9513rhellorhello is another implementation of the hello world program
128,9513classy_enum-mongoidClassyEnum adapter for Mongoid
128,9513thisisbadif you ever want to pretend python could have rspec
128,9513the_1_hiyaUses puts to write Hiya, a friendly message.
128,9513surroundSurround a method, save a polar bear.
128,9513spree_downloadsManage downloads and download categories in the admin