Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
147561-147580 of all 149,386 gems.
119,3821ramontayag-bitcoin-clientProvides a Ruby library to the complete Bitcoin JSON-RPC API. Implements all methods li...
119,3821omniauth-tsohuan omniauth strategy for sohu weibo
119,3821npush-railsImplement push notifications in your Rails app in less than a minute
119,3821contracts_api_testConsumer-Driven Contracts
119,3821xapiProvides an extension API for MRI that enables better performance and is safe on Ruby i...
119,3821view_generatorGenerator of views for existing models
119,3821todo_listBasic command-line todo-list
119,3821tag_danaThis friendly tag_dana gives you tags in your Rails app.
119,3821shellshockerCommang line game
119,3821rubysl-tkRuby Standard Library - tk
119,3821rubysl-ripperRuby standard library ripper.
119,3821rubysl-ftoolsRuby standard library ftools.
119,3821prefixstorageGem for storing strings in prefix tree (Trie)
119,3821peterauthAn authentication application
119,3821pass-rubyPass is the easiest way to login online.
119,3821party_lineParty Line is agnostic about what kind of server it is talking to. As long as it adher...
119,3821panops-ui-cliThis gem contains components related to the PanOps Command Line Interface UI. For examp...
119,3821opsworks_deployerTask to deploy via CLI on Amazon OpsWorks.
119,3821yes_railsthis is a test