Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148181-148200 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860cc_licenseableLicense your ActiveRecord models under Creative Commons licenses
32,6860twidoA command line tool that can update and manage todo list on twitter.
32,6860success_repeaterrepeat yield command in transaction until is executed successfully
32,6860sliced_redisCut up large Redis SET commands into smaller pieces.
32,6860rspec-somethingSomething expects one message in your example
32,6860rand-ordersSimple gem which provides random ordering for mysql, postgresql and sqlite
32,6860perspectiveComing soon.
32,6860mopperImport translations for Model from SCV file using Globalize3
32,6860maikuA Maruku superset compiler.
32,6860geo2tzGet a ActiveSupport/Timezone from a given lat long
32,6860knife-role-replaceReplaces roles on a node when given search criteria
32,6860jsonizerModule to easily provide json serialization Structurally inspired by http://github.com/...
32,6860io-access_lazyThis gem provide lazy access method like array to IO object.
32,6860heuristic-csvTry to overcome the exception CSV::MalformedCSVError and read the data anyway
32,6860gog_engineRails engine providing web interface for displaying gog logs
32,6860compass-exampleA example compass extension to show how to build you own.
32,6860always_be_contributingAlways Be Contributing counts who has contributing most to your orginization on Git...
32,6860uses_openidAdds some OpenID authentication methods to an ActiveRecord model
32,6860traductionSimple tool to ease synchronization of locale files