Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148201-148220 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860statrSimple statistical framework
32,6860sass-utilitiesVarious Sass script utility functions. Includes tests for existence and variable interp...
32,6860redactor_s3This gem makes it easy to integrate redactor.js with amazon s3
32,6860photostreamMakes it easier to deal with the Photo Stream via the Finder
32,6860nexmosNexmo API client
32,6860motion-colorizemotion-colorize adds the `colorize` gem to your RubyMotion project
32,6860minitest-reporters-failA Minitest Reporter that Shows Failure Detail and Emoji
32,6860md2pdfcreates pdf documents from markdown documents
32,6860irealb_parserConverts iRealB chords to the chords-json format.
32,6860invitySend message to facebook inbox through your rails app.
32,6860honest_abeLightweight continuous integration server
32,6860fluent-plugin-filter_keysFluentd plugin to filter if a specific key is present or not in event logs.
32,6860fexprFloating point fexpr
32,6860farnsworthWrite a gem description
32,6860enrarNo Rails ActiveRecord
32,6860ddropFriendly command-line interface for Dyndrop.
32,6860steloVirtual Machine Creator
32,6860rubykassaYet another Ruby wrapper for Robokassa API aimed to make Robokassa integration even mor...
32,6860rake-typoProvides a list of possible tasks you might have meant when Rake can't find a task you'...
32,6860rails-staticA rake task for generating static websites using Rails.