Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148221-148240 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860parse_apply_infuriation_engineThe best way to spoil their fun.
32,6860moviemanWrapper for sites/APIs that provide information about movies.
32,6860librato-metrics-tapsTaps for extracting metrics data and publishing to Librato Metrics
32,6860jquery-crop-railsJcrop for rails
32,6860interfacesThis library provides a concept of Interfaces and abstract classes to the ruby language
32,6860gisttoGist Client with multiples and suitables functionalities
32,6860frprepFRPREP - Fred and Rosy PREProcessor.
32,6860footprintBig Data Versioning for those seriously Big Applications
32,6860cosbyThey listen to the rap music, which gives them the brain damage.
32,6860chosen_templateManage the preview and publish tasks of templates
32,6860carrierwave-aws-record-modelCarrierWave for AWS::Record::Model
32,6860benchmark_meThis gem will provide a benchmark on a piece of code logic
32,6860app_sleuthGenerates color, font, image information about your project
32,6860vagrant-systemdVagrant plugin to detect and support Systemd based systems
32,6860rl_hiya_nelson_pascoalExercise by Satish Talim - Ruby Web Programming course, day 3 example
32,6860rl_hiya_moh_binThe library says Hiya to all
32,6860redmine_refreshAdds an automatic refresh option to Redmine's issues list
32,6860rcompressruby zlib command line utility
32,6860raise_jsRaise JavaScript errors as Ruby exceptions in your Rails app. Usefull when you have a g...
32,6860rack-nullsessionA Rack Middleware that fakes a session