Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148241-148260 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860proxytestA test framework for testing proxy logic
32,6860lafeber_ckeditorCKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor to be used inside web pages
32,6860hexagonaljs-railshexagonaljs Rails generator
32,6860google-scholarGoogle Scholar interface. Currently only works for Author searches.
32,6860google-safe-browsing-pluginA Ruby implementation of the Google Safe Browsing v2. Rails is the dependency mainly be...
32,6860fury-bugSee gemfury.com
32,6860functionPython-like functions.
32,6860fluent-plugin-mongo-typedTyped mongo output plugin
32,6860f1sherman-will_paginateThe will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for pagina...
32,6860ekaranto-rubywmqRubyWMQ is a high performance native Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ.
32,6860clearcase_helperClearcase has no simple to use command line tool - to find and add view only fil...
32,6860airplane_modeGather Ruby documentation for offline viewing
32,6860vagrant-http-basic-authenticationThis Vagrant plugin allows user to define box urls that use HTTP Basic Authentication
32,6860vagrant-chefnodeRemove nodes and clients from Chef Server when instances are destroyed
32,6860tldrA gem for http://tldr.io
32,6860tinymce-rails-documentuploadTinyMCE plugin for taking documents uploads in Rails >= 3.1
32,6860sprigganGit post-receive hook debian-package build-system
32,6860spree_fastspringFastspring integration for Spree
32,6860sharp_socialMake actors could follow each other in you application
32,6860sambatechA simple hello world gem