Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148261-148280 of all 150,045 gems.
33,6850homesteadingThe Homesteading CLI is retired. Homesteading has changed to Dark Matter.
33,6850fakeGenLdapA fake LDAP server for use in testing
33,6850ecb-currency_converterCurrency Conversion using the European Central Bank's Euro foreign exchange reference r...
33,6850buildpack-utilsProvides a set of utilities for use in Cloud Foundry buildpacks
33,6850yammdeskYammer <=> Ticketing System Gem
33,6850whiskyWhisky is a micro-framework built upon Rack.
33,6850ubiquitous_envProvides you an easy way to manage and maintain your environment variables.
33,6850test_pluginfor testing on Plugin.
33,6850sxgeoSypex Geo port
33,6850studio_game_bduPragmatic Studios ruby programing course
33,6850space_cadetspace_cadet is a simple hack, for any ActiveRecord supported database, which provides a...
33,6850sidekiq_pipelineSupports defining 'pipelines' of workers in Sidekiq
33,6850rubysl-readlineRuby standard library readline.
33,6850romyowSimple tool to easily change your machine's ruby version to your liking.
33,6850riggingRigging uses modern Sass abilities, including 'placeholder' attributes and @extend dire...
33,6850reportingAn abstraction layer to help deal with reporting in applications.
33,6850rails_model_load_hookAdds :model_class load hook for every ActiveRecord descendant.
33,6850rack-hard-copyRack Middle to creating static copies of rendered endpoints and reload them. It equates...
33,6850plSimple gem for polish variety