Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148261-148280 of all 148,465 gems.
73,0520nationbuilderNationBuilder API client
73,0520mysql_checkerDo some work on a MySQL DB to find possible errors
73,0520minimageThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
73,0520jquery_visualizeThis is gem for jQuery-Visualize plugin.
73,0520fresh-jqueryjQuery assets for rails or sprocket project
73,0520vagrant-winscp-syncA Vagrant plugin for syncing files on Windows via WinSCP instead of shared folders
73,0520studio_game_shervinThis is an practice application created by Shervin Shaikh during The Pragmatic Studio's...
73,0520motd-creatorCreate a nice MOTD, complete with ASCII-art, witty quote, and fancy border.
73,0520jls-tweetstreamTweetStream is a simple wrapper for consuming the Twitter Streaming API.
73,0520zendConfigYamlA simple parser for yaml application zend framework file
73,0520i18n_morseMorse encoder/decoder for Ruby with language support
73,0520himmelGitHub style deployments
73,0520zoeA simple chat bot for HipChat
73,0520vines-sqlStores Vines user data in an SQL database.
73,0520sass_multSASS command line executable only supports compiling one file at a time. This is ineffi...
73,0520safe_credentialsEncrypt sensitive credentials so you can store your configuration files in source control
73,0520rubualizations-railsRails gem that creates a google visualization data source from ActiveRecord models pass...
73,0520parkeonA Ruby wrapper to access the Parkeon parking meter API
73,0520paragonParagon is a Jekyll Powered CMS currently in Development
73,0520my_test_gemThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...