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148261-148280 of all 152,647 gems.
121,9571fog-iwdThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
121,9571filmotUploads images to http://imgur.com. Filmot is an alternative URL for imgur.
121,9571famfamfamA gem version of the fam-fam-fam-icons-on-rails plugin, originally by Dayne Broderson
121,9571docsearch_apiClient library for accessing the imedo doctor search database
121,9571avdi-faradayJust a fork so I can satisfy gem dependencies in Leadlight.
121,9571vboxExpand the 'vagrant box' command to support the creation of base boxes from scratch
121,9571rack-captchatorA very simple rack captcha middleware via captchator.com API
121,9571qlgReally fast way to output logs from your app.
121,9571poundie-shake-shackA Poundie plugin for posting latest shake shack cam image to campfire.
121,9571muplinMuplin is abbrev of MUriyari(irresponsibly force) Pdf outLINer. Muplin adds outlines th...
121,9571morelMorel is a mongodb JavaScript AST manager for Ruby.
121,9571mhs-bcms_content_rotatorA BrowserCMS module for creating a Slideshow/Homepage rotator designed to showcase site...
121,9571linkformatterExample of creating a Ruby Gem for RailsCasts episode #301
121,9571FinancialCalcA gem for financial calculations
121,9571degectDependency injection helper method
121,9571time_helperSome of the functions I've really liked in ActiveSupport but without relying on ActiveS...
121,9571tapeThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
121,9571quizzySurvey engine supporting complex surveys
121,9571process_mgtHigh level calls for searching for process ids and killing processes given a string.
121,9571pa_learnerPassive-Aggressive algorithms are a family of online margin based linear lerners. For f...