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148281-148300 of all 148,465 gems.
73,0520kmdataA simple API wrapper for interacting with the KMData Project
73,0520h3mThis gem will can extract info about players, teams, map size and version, win conditio...
73,0520forefrontForefront moves part of your backend to frontend.
73,0520vehicle_dataRuby Client for VehicleData.co API
73,0520th_simple_blogDescription of SimpleBlog.
73,0520sluggMake safety urls from strings
73,0520mongoid-force_booleanMongoid document boolean type field must be boolean.
73,0520magic-sass-railsSass mixins Magic
73,0520lackeyLackey is a Job Processor inspired by Minion
73,0520jargonfind buzzwords online
73,0520glassmirrorUse the Google Glass Mirror API from Ruby
73,0520geminabox_clientGeminabox client
73,0520tb_searchSpud Search is a base search interface for use on tb core
73,0520spree_sale_productsAdd (optional) gem description here
73,0520spree_google_merchantAdd (optional) gem description here
73,0520SAVAGESavage is a graphics language layered on top of SVG, in the spirit of Sass and Haml.
73,0520regex_methodDefine methods with a regex.
73,0520pin-paymentsA wrapper for the Pin Payments (https://pin.net.au/) API
73,0520password_generatorA generator for daily passwords
73,0520hash_queryQuery nested hashed using glob expressions