Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148281-148300 of all 150,045 gems.
33,6850numplotThis library is an wrapper for gnuplot.
33,6850noko_site_gemTest gem : My first gem
33,6850noa-coreCore functionality for Noa
33,6850miniconfigMinimalistic configuration files for your projects.
33,6850metriks-reporter-new_relicAllows metric data collected by with the Metriks gem to be reported to your New Relic a...
33,6850messagebus-sdkSDK for Message Bus service
33,6850libcanvas-railsLibCanvas javascript library prepared for using with Rails 3.1+
33,6850jetsetmeapi["Basic gem for using the jetsetme api"]
33,6850jekyll-category-aware-prev-nextjekyll-category-aware-prev-next adds category aware cat_next and cat_previous to posts ...
33,6850iterableProvides the class IterableArray, which implements all of the methods of Array (as of R...
33,6850in_or_outThis gem will help you check whether you AFL fantasy football players are playing this ...
33,6850i18n_csvOne extends standard I18n so that you could store your translations in a Comma-Separate...
33,6850hockeypuckSmart multithreading download manager for fetching data from cli, and from ruby code
33,6850hindsightA local web interface for Git
33,6850hallon-queue-outputStream Spotify via Hallon to ruby Queue for playback or processing in another thread.
33,6850gubbyThis is a system used to create component based objects. Primarily for games, but you d...
33,6850fanforce-workerFanforce worker used by various Fanforce apps for background processing.
33,6850beerdb-labelsbeerdb-labels gem - beer labels (24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64) bundled for reuse w/ asset...
33,6850webdav-clientWebdav client
33,6850sparse_arraySparse Array - map from integers (0..2**32-1) to objects