Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
148281-148300 of all 153,744 gems.
112,9521rosewood_migrationsSmooth, uninterrupted comfort.
112,9521rkj-merb-i18nMerb plugin that provides bindings to r18n
112,9521revisionableRevision control for Rails' ActiveRecord models
112,9521thepiratebayA simple interface to ThePirateBay.org
112,9521testasiaA commandline client for Testopia (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/testopia/)
112,9521sermepa_web_tpvSimple rails engine to add payments to your web application using sermepa standard web tpv
112,9521zacharyw-ruby-aawsRuby/AWS is a Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Product Advertising API.
112,9521verbVerb is Rack middleware that serves RHTML files.
112,9521tvdeyen-ferretFerret is a port of the Java Lucene project. It is a powerful indexing and search library.
112,9521working-timeNeed to figure out how many working hours are in a date range? Need to calculate aroun...
112,9521weblocWebloc reads and writes .webloc files on OS X
112,9521vkontakterFor most popular in russia social network, api wrapper
112,9521tech-angels-typhoeusLike a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, Typhoeus runs ...
112,9521saveassetsReusable saveology assets
112,9521rinku-ffiadd a FFI layer to original rinku
112,9521event_reporterAllows for inspection, filtering, printing and saving of csv containing list of eve...
112,9521yarlispI must assume that someone has already implmented Lisp in Ruby and thus I name this 'Ye...
112,9521social_profileWrapper for Omniauth profile hash, post photo to album
112,9521review_and_approveAdds Review and Approval functionality for content sites.