Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149141-149160 of all 153,744 gems.
112,9521spree_omnikassaOffsite payments using the Dutch Omnikassa service from Rabobank.
112,9521simpleblockingwebsocketclientRuby gem to connect to a websocket server
112,9521shuhariShuhari generates new projects for doing TDD Kata.
112,9521z_buildDitch your unweildy and heavyset build. Use Z'Build module with Rake/Thor/etc and make ...
112,9521umlaut-primoUmlaut service to provide fulltext, holdings, etc. from the Primo discovery solution.
112,9521tempuraTempura is a library for temperature math and conversion. Currently supported scales ar...
112,9521taas"TaaS" allows you to validate the integration across a variety of products via Test Aut...
112,9521strongly_typedSimple type validation for plain ruby object attributes that perform conversions whenev...
112,9521speedlyA CLI tool to test your page speed performance.
112,9521ruskRusk is library that read and write Open Document Spreadsheet Format(ods).
112,9521ya_email_validatorRegEx validate an email address
112,9521wakizashiHTML/XML parser for RubyMotion, based on GDataXML-HTML.
112,9521vcloudvCloud Director API Ruby Bindings
112,9521translate_with_scopeTranslate a scope to the current controller and action
112,9521taoTool for simple Test Driven Development in Ruby. It is using Rspec and Guard.
112,9521state_methodsdeclarative state aware method definitions
112,9521soap-wssWS-Security implementation for SOAP
112,9521singleton_actIt just makes sense to store mutable, site-wide, admin-level settings in the database. ...