Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149141-149160 of all 149,278 gems.
72,8800lita-hipchatA HipChat adapter for Lita.
72,8800hash_queryQuery nested hashed using glob expressions
72,8800google-api-client-railsRails wrapper around google-api-client gem
72,8800gdata-backupGoogle Drive backup
72,8800gazrFlexible, Simple alternative to Guard. Watchr for Ruby 1.9.3 and beyond.
72,8800gapinc-fogThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
72,8800yepkeynav-railsRails engine to support yepKeyNav.
72,8800web-ex-eventsAllows fetching and parsing WebEx events through the WebEx API. Events can be queried a...
72,8800store_hoursA small parser for store normal business hours
72,8800srp-rbRuby implementation of the Secure Remote Password protocol (SRP-6a). SRP is a crypt...
72,8800sinatra-fuzzy_layoutProvides ability to enable or disable layouts for multiple t...
72,8800red_pandaLibrary to determine MACRS Straight Line Depreciation of assets..
72,8800range_arrayGem to create and manage an array of ranges
72,8800ja-apnsSimple Apple push notification service gem
72,8800ysetsCreate contants for your Rails 3 app using yml files
72,8800vines-redisStores Vines user data in Redis.
72,8800tire-suggest_pluginAddition for Tire to work with suggester plugin for elasticsearch
72,8800siriusapi for 2ch.hk
72,8800rocket_pants-coreRocketPants core provides functionality for RocketPants shared between different
72,8800rails-ueditorUeditor for Rails