Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149141-149160 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860temper-controlTemperature Controller Library
32,6860taudayIntroduces Tau as the true circle constant. See http://tauday.com
32,6860style-tilesCreate HTML and CSS Style Tiles with Sass & Compass
32,6860sprinklesFully-controllable tasty toppings.
32,6860sixarm_ruby_minitest_extensionsA few simple Minitest assertions and expectations
32,6860simple-settingsA gem to easily handle environment specific settings
32,6860RintSoleA RepRap terminal interface written in Ruby.
32,6860omudidConveniently add a UDID to the iOS Developer Portal, refresh a provisioning profile and...
32,6860motifyA minimal DSL for doing notifications in RubyMotion (using NSNotificationCenter)
32,6860monkey_stringAdds neat methods to String
32,6860is-buildAutoincrement build number.
32,6860inviteAn abstraction layer to help deal with invites in applications.
32,6860has_translatable_attributesProvides convenience methods for setting/getting I18n specific fields.
32,6860gas2Gas is a utility to keep track of your git authors. Add them to gas and switch at any t...
32,6860fs_authSimple authentication
32,6860fixture_reducerTest speedup by replacing fixtures :all with only the necessary
32,6860elephant-drive-serviceClient SOAP para integração com os serviços do ElephantDrive
32,6860dynamic_attrsDynamic attributes for ActiveRecord!
32,6860dependancesWhat you need