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149881-149900 of all 154,195 gems.
37,3890persistent_seleniumKeep your Selenium browser open while you use Capybara to talk to it. Save seconds and ...
37,3890moveableMove object up and down with Rails and nested set tree
37,3890miu-ircirc plugin for miu
37,3890minitest-englishMinitest + the English language
37,3890mail_builder19MailBuilder is a simple library for building RFC compliant MIME emails.
37,3890insurance_policyActiveRecord extension for managing an insurance policy's attributes.
37,3890i18n-active_record-backendI18n ActiveRecord backend. Allows to store translations in a database using ActiveRecor...
37,3890gnome-backlightChange the backlight in Gnome3.
37,3890crud_methodsdesign pattern that allows order-independent class-level definition of action-dependent...
37,3890worldProvides a small set of classes to Country realated data
37,3890vanakamA simple hello world gem
37,3890task-orchestrator.gemspecSimple task orchestration framework driven by Yaml config files
37,3890studio_game_johnThis is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, ...
37,3890sinatra-newyorkSinatra extension to add some of my commonly used methods
37,3890rlog_itemslogging record's changes in database
37,3890rlanyrdlanyrd.com scraper
37,3890pagamento_digitalPagamento digital alpha, usar por sua conta
37,3890mustsSimple "must" matchers for specs.
37,3890minitest-descriptiveMake your assertion diffs smarter
37,3890joda-time-jarsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.