Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149881-149900 of all 150,067 gems.
49,4900vagrant-winscp-syncA Vagrant plugin for syncing files on Windows via WinSCP instead of shared folders
49,4900motd-creatorCreate a nice MOTD, complete with ASCII-art, witty quote, and fancy border.
49,4900mailing_clientThis is client library for Padma-Mailing API.
49,4900jls-tweetstreamTweetStream is a simple wrapper for consuming the Twitter Streaming API.
49,4900intercityCommand-line interface for hosting Rails apps on your server.
49,4900checkitA little tool to check the your ruby project dependencies
49,4900zendConfigYamlA simple parser for yaml application zend framework file
49,4900wordrefTiny gem to translate words with the WordReference API
49,4900wolologgerA little extention to the default ruby logger
49,4900tb_photosTwice Baked is a feature complete photo management/gallery for the spud engine. Manage ...
49,4900pludoni-simple_captchaSimpleCaptcha is available to be used with Rails 3 or above and also it provides the ba...
49,4900i18n_morseMorse encoder/decoder for Ruby with language support
49,4900fliptextsʇndıp bǝɯ ʇo ɟןıd ʇǝxʇ
49,4900zoeA simple chat bot for HipChat
49,4900x2ch2ch.sc downloader and parser library
49,4900vines-sqlStores Vines user data in an SQL database.
49,4900vagrant-pccClean puppet cert
49,4900sass_multSASS command line executable only supports compiling one file at a time. This is ineffi...
49,4900safe_credentialsEncrypt sensitive credentials so you can store your configuration files in source control
49,4900rubualizations-railsRails gem that creates a google visualization data source from ActiveRecord models pass...