Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149901-149920 of all 154,195 gems.
37,3890itsniluntilyoushipitThe only gem in the world that's capable of telling you if your project is nil or not
37,3890hector-jekyllA Hector extension which enables the use of multiple identity adapters
37,3890global_rolesSimple gem to provide global roles for ActiveRecord models without using of another models
37,3890fluent-plugin-pgdistFluentd plugin for distribute insert into PostgreSQL
37,3890bigbenThreaded timer
37,3890ytopicsView yahoo(.co.jp) topics command.
37,3890wiseA set of ruby bindings for communicating with the wise.io Machine Learning as a Service...
37,3890warthogPOkes A10 SLBs with a RESTick
37,3890uifacesGet profile images from uifaces.com, by @calebogden
37,3890trumpAdd a gem to the Gemfile with more info in comments.
37,3890timestamp_scopesDynamically add useful timestamp scopes to your ActiveRecord models!
37,3890threadpuddleCreate threads, with an upper bound on how many can exist at the same time.
37,3890ripple-railsRails integration for Ripple payment notifications.
37,3890prototyperScaffold simple projects from the command line.
37,3890nulogy-s3_direct_uploadDirect Upload to Amazon S3 With CORS and jquery-file-upload
37,3890nntp_scrapeA series of command line tools to interact with usenet
37,3890io-pollRuby 1.8's IO.select() smashes the stack when given >1024 fds, and Ruby doesn't impl...
37,3890iamakimmer_gamegame from prag studio