Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149901-149920 of all 151,845 gems.
37,2850syncopeSyncope lets your apps knock out when you do
37,2850shoppingAn abstraction layer to help deal with shopping in applications.
37,2850semantria_sdkSemantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis API. It allows you to gain valuabl...
37,2850respond_to_msgpackLet your rails app respond to msgpack
37,2850rain_captchaAnti-spam protection for your website
37,2850rack-delayA simple rack middleware to slowdown response
37,2850purveyPurvey is an in-place ftp server
37,2850organizationAn abstraction layer to help deal with organization in applications.
37,2850ok_hbaseLightweight Ruby Hbase Client
37,2850neat-spreadsheetSimplify the task of building a spreadsheet in Rails. This gem is based on the Spreadsh...
37,2850mobistarA client for the web services of the belgian mobile operator Mobistar
37,2850mmfaA little gem to get the current multi-factor authentication key on a Mac
37,2850jmenu-railsjMenu jquery plugin for rails
37,2850icalModernization watu_table_builder with iCal calendar style for Rails App
37,2850furnish-knife-serverFurnish provisioner for knife-server -- automate a build of a chef-server
37,2850fog-test-meThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
37,2850envisionjs-railsEnvision.js for Rails
37,2850easy_dispatchSuper simple concurrecy in ruby
37,2850duck_formBuild arbitrary models to consistently use form_for syntax when building forms in rails