Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
150041-150060 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860test_string_operationtesting string operation
32,6860square-chargerCalculate amount to charge customers to ensure you get the amount owed after Square tak...
32,6860sinatra-helpers-escapeHelpers for HTML escaping in Sinatra.
32,6860schmetterlingAspects implemented on Ruby2.0 Class#prepend
32,6860rubysl-win32apiRuby Standard Library - win32api
32,6860quizlet-rubyA Ruby wrapper for the Quizlet 2.0 API
32,6860peek-query_reviewerPeek into your MySQL queries
32,6860mongoid_filterProvides methods to filter collections by form parameters
32,6860mercury_engineAdds models and helpers that make it easy to integrate Mercury Editor into any rails app
32,6860mameconfmame config
32,6860leaflet-jsWraps the Leaflet Javascript Mapping Library in a Rails asset gem. Also include Leaflet...
32,6860kimono-platformA Ruby client library for the Kimono Platform API
32,6860katamariCreate great web apps.
32,6860file_distributionSimple library that allows organize distribution of files within hex based tree.
32,6860cinch-magicCinch Plugin that searches http://magiccards.info/ for card information.
32,6860cinch-convertCinch Plugin for Coverting Units via the units binary
32,6860ventWill do later
32,6860vagrant-test-subjectWrapper class for a Vagrant VM, providing access to testing predicates, such as port ma...
32,6860vagrant-ovirtVagrant provider for oVirt and RHEV.
32,6860trigonal-rails3Trigonal gem reporting tool for Rails 3