Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
150961-150980 of all 151,845 gems.
37,2850wltodbWeatherlink ORM database
37,2850wfarr-ciunasCiúnas is just a packaged up and slightly tweaked version of the silenceable logger cod...
37,2850toppings-railsrails integration for the equally named ruby gem
37,2850shitProvides for your sh*t needs
37,2850ruote-resqueResque participant/receiver pair for Ruote
37,2850project3v3Full description here
37,2850neifelheim-foremThe best Rails 3 forum engine in the world.
37,2850GeoScraperGeoScraper is location data (latitude/longitude) scraper.
37,2850droidprojManage Android projects with a Droidfile
37,2850dont_validateGem to remove previously set validations
37,2850crypto_arbitrerArbitrage calculator for crypto currencies. Currently focused on Argentina moving funds...
37,2850xmimodelA helper gem for working with XMI files
37,2850varyCreate different versions of files such as image thumbnails.
37,2850vagrant-fifoEnables Vagrant to manage machines in Fifo cloud and SDC
37,2850taste-railsRails integration for the taste gem.
37,2850SampleAppMuch longer explanation of the example!
37,2850s3streamerSimple S3 File streaming to client
37,2850ryespyRedis Sidekiq/Resque IMAP, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Rackspac...