Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
150981-151000 of all 153,192 gems.
60,2600russian_sexGender detector for russian names.
60,2600rudrud is a simple and powerful and pure-ruby webserver with rack-support and more. It p...
60,2600rossROSS is a ruby client for aliyun oss
60,2600rl_hiya_rohon_marekThis is an exercise for Day3 in rubylearning.org
60,2600rails-pagesA really simple rails engine, serving text files from app/pages as HTML (currently only...
60,2600prag_prog_game# Ruby Game This is the game built in the Pragmatic Studios Ruby Programming course.
60,2600pavlovPavlov is a opinionated toolbox to help you architect your Ruby project.
60,2600mini-mini-profilerSimple Profiler for learning about Rails Development
60,2600gretel-erbEOS This is a significant fork of Lasse Bunk's rails gem 'gretel' (http://github.com/la...
60,2600form_modelA Library to create Form objects to encapsulate forms
60,2600destroyed_record_collectorGem for collecting the deleted record for ActiveRecord to a new table named as (origina...
60,2600coderwall_rubySimple wrapper around Coderwall User API
60,2600caching_mailerUses ActionController to provide fragment caching to ActionMailer
60,2600rl_hiya_santos_rubensThe library contais the Hiya class.
60,2600chargeAn abstraction layer to help deal with charges in applications.
60,2600apricotA compiler for a Clojure-like programming language on the Rubinius VM
60,2600socialcast-rapuncelRapuncel is a simple XML-RPC Client based on Nokogiri, thus provides a fast and easy wa...
60,2600salliA Sinatra Dalli Gem for page, fragment and key value caching.
60,2600resque-serialResque serial jobs