Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151681-151700 of all 154,215 gems.
36,2821wireioGem to consume WireIO rest api
36,2821understudyAutomated system backups via rdiff-backup
36,2821try_bangIt provides Object#try! that tries methods after #respond_to?
36,2821treestoretreestore stores two different types of data: 1) values, which are stored according to ...
36,2821traveltime-apiSimple wrapper for TravelTime REST API.
36,2821southAuth lib
36,2821set_partitionSet Partition
36,2821prawn_calendarThis gem provides a function to generate calendars and calendar entries.
36,2821omniauth-myheritageMyHeritage strategy for OmniAuth
36,2821bootstrap-file-inputFile input field looks like a Bootstrap button in all browsers (Thanks to https://githu...
36,2821method_with_saveHave you ever wanted to have created a method, you would like this method + save? This ...
36,2821imseng-capybara-webkitHeadless Webkit driver for Capybara
36,2821flatiron-ice-breakersTest Gem!
36,2821chassis-ponyAdds Pony gem, config, templates, and Rake tasks to Chassis.
36,2821ava_rb_toolboxSmall useful additions to ruby standard classes
36,2821metriks-sematextMetriks reporter for sending Custom Metrics to SPM for graphing
36,2821grocer-pushpackagerBuilds push packages for OS X Mavericks web notifications
36,2821ember-magic-tableUses ember-table. Makes all the properties editable. Is awesome(ish)
36,2821validate_as_seo_tagValidate SEO-tag format
36,2821vagrant-shipExport a Vagrant box as an OVF.