Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151701-151720 of all 154,241 gems.
110,1664rack-ntlm-test-servicea Rack module for testing NTLM Authentication in an HTTP client
110,1664ontologistSemantic Web/RDF toolkit for Middleman
110,1664omnifocus-attaskOmniFocus AtTask Integration
110,1664omniauth-inbloomOmniauth strategy for the Shared Learning Collaborative
110,1664mindreframer-riemann-dashHTTP dashboard for the distributed event system Riemann.
110,1664hola_agrupoA simple hello world gem
110,1664ebbflowgo["First gem up on rubygems"]
110,1664bradMy very own gem.
110,1664basassBaSass is a Sass framework to use as a base for mobile first responsive design.
110,1664asirraImplements view helpers for the ASIRRA CAPTCHA system for Rails-based websites
110,1664timelogTime logger
110,1664slurmThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
110,1664ruby-bowerA ruby wrapper for Bower
110,1664hola_tonezA simple hello world gem
110,1664ga-loveA tool for generating click event tracking & cohorts using google analytics.
110,1664fake_homeManipulates your HOME environment variable.
110,1664cqdocsCan be used to generate set of docs for CQ projects
110,1664switchcoderAPI wrapper to access SwitchCoder
110,1664sudo-gmapsmarker-railsBundles sudo.gmapsmarker and some TaskRabbit-style marker icons for use with the Rails ...
110,1664samluraiSee http://github.com/phinze/samlurai