Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151741-151760 of all 151,947 gems.
94,3440rsrechttps://github.com/damphyr/rsrec == DESCRIPTION: Parser for the Motorola S-Record for...
94,3440quenchUse TCP Tunnels between two firewalled machines. Primarily used for ssh access to a mac...
94,3440pushablePush ActiveModel changes to Backbone Collections and Models though a Faye Pub/Sub server.
94,3440iso7812Full implementation of the ISO-7812 standard
94,3440enodenRails application deployment tool
94,3440dup_spree_dashRequired dependency for Spree
94,3440vagrant-uploadUpload Provisioner
94,3440trublA Ruby interface to the Tout API.
94,3440shirtsio-rubyThe Shirts.io client library
94,3440rinitProvides init-like script structure for ruby
94,3440redu-has_friendsPermite que o usuário se relacione com outros usuários dentro de uma aplicação rails po...
94,3440mystro-clientmystro client
94,3440mp3_playerWordPress Audio Player plugin wrapper for Rails 3.x with asset pipeline support
94,3440junos-ez-srxJunos SRX gem for application development using NETCONF
94,3440gitignoresGenerates .gitignore
94,3440wireioGem to consume WireIO rest api
94,3440understudyAutomated system backups via rdiff-backup
94,3440try_bangIt provides Object#try! that tries methods after #respond_to?
94,3440treestoretreestore stores two different types of data: 1) values, which are stored according to ...