Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151741-151760 of all 153,575 gems.
27,6990midoriMidori is an extensible content manager for websites.
27,6990ipecacheAn extensible tool for purging urls from caches and CDNs
27,6990httpifyPrefixes any httpified elements with http:// should they be missing this
27,6990goliath_rack_sprocketsSprockets middleware for goliath
27,6990geo_googleConverts addresses to geo coordinates using Google Maps JS Api
27,6990gem_depsSimple way to check the versions of gems on a specific environment
27,6990fluent-plugin-stathatStatHat output plugin for Fluentd.
27,6990dradisDradis is an open source framework to enable effective information sharing, specially d...
27,6990contact_us_websiteAdding 'Website' field to the contact form.
27,6990cezetmap-railsRails gem wrapper for CEZET Map
27,6990billtrapThis gem provides invoice management with imported time slices from the Timetrap gem.
27,6990ar_marshal_storeUse marshal to serialize things, similar to ActiveRecord::Store
27,6990zippoAn (almost) pure-ruby Zip library
27,6990woodchuck-json-eventlightweight log shipper for logstash with enhanced input options
27,6990whoiserRails Engine allowing to monitor your domains data
27,6990where_lowerActiveRecord provides no method for case insensitive version of `where` method. ...
27,6990warden-ldapProvides ldap strategy for warden
27,6990tomodachiAutomatic follow back tool with Twitter streaming API
27,6990stealth-favsStealth favorites on Twitter.
27,6990staticmeStaticme is a very easy-to-use webserver built on top of Thin and Rack to serve static ...