Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151781-151800 of all 154,241 gems.
110,1664cisco-config-parseParses a cisco config file on disk (probably from a tool such as Rancid) and returns si...
110,1664simple_servicesRuby client to Simple Services API!
110,1664sf_commonscommons extracted out...
110,1664ruby-continentGet countries by continent, or find the continents for a country given ISO 3166-1 alpha...
110,1664render_staticrender_static allows you to make your single-page apps (Backbone, Angular, etc) built o...
110,1664modularity-coffee-railsMakes the modularity-coffee framework available to Ruby on Rails applications.
110,1664hq-scriptHQ scripting language
110,1664groupsAn abstraction layer to help deal with groups in applications.
110,1664grocer-error_callbackProvide error callbacks to Grocer pushes
110,1664cmbuildCreates buildable objects based on recipes
110,1664childprocess-serverManage and interact with CLI processes, remotely via dRuby.
110,1664cache-backend-inmemoryA backend for the Quarter Spiral ``cache-client`` gem using an in memory store.
110,1664sluukkonen-jammitJammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...
110,1664RTALibA Ruby Technical Analisys Gem!
110,1664RintServerA RepRap Print server.
110,1664reducersThis library is intended to provide a reducer library on collections for ruby like the ...
110,1664rack-override-user-agentOverride useragent by cookie, switch agent by query.
110,1664persistent_memoizeThis allows you to cache method calls for faster execution, at the cost of storage...
110,1664parade-liverubyAdds the ability to evaluate ruby code live within a Parade presentation