Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151781-151800 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811dead_letter_officeUndeliverable emails (deliveries which raise exceptions) will be logged to the database...
140,0811corgiIncludes a JS file so that you can have an image tag with empty source, but class corgi...
140,0811compass-rails31Compass is a Sass-based Stylesheet Framework that streamlines the creation and maintain...
140,0811hostmonhostlint web interface
140,0811eastrailsCreate a first basic default website for new East Agile clients
140,0811databasedotcom-streamingA ruby gem to connect to the Salesforce.com Streaming API
140,0811jquery-ui-redmondThe redmond theme
140,0811goudaGouda gem is a Ruby API wrapper for CheddarGetter
140,0811eagle_labelsOO Eagle Lables
140,0811devise_extensionsSuper Awesome Devise Extensions: Approvable, Disableable and Draftable
140,0811coverRetrieve album art from the Cover Art Archive
140,0811govtrackA Ruby wrapper for the GovTrack API.
140,0811git_repositorySimple interaction with git repository. Useful for deployment scripts.
140,0811dotbackupdotbackup creates backup tarballs in ~/.backup. To specify files and directories to bac...
140,0811leakedinLinkedIn password hacked checker
140,0811directory-traversalProvides a few simple methods to make traversing directories a bit easier and more powe...
140,0811debloySee http://jeroenr.github.com/debloy/
140,0811gem_lessonI use this gem to teach about gems and contributing to open source.
140,0811followableadds following feature to any ActiveRecord object using Redis
140,0811fileupload-railsjQuery-File-Upload for Rails