Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151801-151820 of all 154,241 gems.
110,1664panictry it out - I dare you
110,1664multi-statsdStatsd Server with flexible aggregation and back-end support
110,1664memcached_snappy_storeMemcached store that will compress all entries using snappy
110,1664leandotsLink, copy & setup your dotfiles with a rake task.
110,1664configuratrillaAllows to set configuration files with ruby in free and easy style.
110,1664code_holderEnumerated attributes with I18n
110,1664vostok-railsSick pg import for rails
110,1664super_smtpSupport Specific Source IP in Net::SMTP
110,1664shipmateA centralized deployment service built on top of Capistrano and Hubot.
110,1664rack-seoLets you extract sensible default content for meta tags using the markup from that page.
110,1664midoriMidori is an extensible content manager for websites.
110,1664goliath_rack_sprocketsSprockets middleware for goliath
110,1664geo_googleConverts addresses to geo coordinates using Google Maps JS Api
110,1664gem_depsSimple way to check the versions of gems on a specific environment
110,1664fluent-plugin-stathatStatHat output plugin for Fluentd.
110,1664cezetmap-railsRails gem wrapper for CEZET Map
110,1664billtrapThis gem provides invoice management with imported time slices from the Timetrap gem.
110,1664angularjs-bootstrap-railsWrapper for Angular Bootstrap
110,1664super_modelThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
110,1664recommendify-rubyRecommendify is a distributed, incremental item-based recommendation engine for binary ...