Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151801-151820 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811kete_trackable_itemsA Kete application add-on that allows for tracking the location of an item in a physica...
140,0811font-awesome-moreFont Awesome More bundled in gem for Ruby on Rails.
140,0811encrypted_envAllows for reading and writing to the ENV in an encrypted way
140,0811date_validationdate validation
140,0811coffee-script-redux-sourceCoffeeScriptRedux is a little language that compiles into JavaScript.
140,0811delayed_sunspotDelayed Job support for Sunspot
140,0811couchbase-jrubyCouchbase JRuby SDK for connections and operations
140,0811level3longer description of your gem
140,0811httperfrb-grapherGraphing utility for httperfrb.
140,0811feyWraps the Fey Language to Javascript compiler.
140,0811dahliaA gem idea
140,0811keyczarThis is a Ruby library for the Keyczar cryptographic toolkit.
140,0811infinite-loopA command-line interface for HockeyApp
140,0811disable_asset_loggingDisables asset logging in the development log
140,0811directionsA gem to easily request directions from
140,0811credoCredo provides a mechanism for storing credentials for situations where more desirable ...
140,0811inboxerSend web pages to your inbox as html or PDF
140,0811i18n_multisiteSupport namespaces in I18n Simple backend
140,0811hostlinthostlint client
140,0811coffee-script-reduxRuby CoffeeScriptRedux is a bridge to the JS CoffeeScriptRedux compiler.